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Tue, September 06, 2016

Check Out More Pictures From Stephen Harte, Gay Porn’s Hottest Otter

I can finally show off these pictures of Stephen Harte, who is easily gay porn’s hottest fucking model. I’m also including his model interview so you can learn more about him —

What do you do when you’re not shooting porn? I am in the process of attaining my yoga certification. I’m beginning a 300-hour teacher training program here in NYC.

What inspired you to start modeling? I’m a very sexual fella and I have no qualm sharing my sexual exploits. I see no shame in sexual behavior, so it has always interested me to share that in a more public manner.

What is your preferred sexual position? I am definitely more on the bottom side of life. I love a guy who wants to please a bottom and there’s no better way than taking me on all fours!

What is your favorite sexual activity? I really love giving head. It gets me riled up very quickly. But nothing drives me wilder than a guy who really loves eating furry butt. My ass is NOT smooth and I love a guy who is attracted to that.

Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex? My ex and I once got it on in a park… in the middle of the day… next to a school. There was nothing hiding us and it was ridiculously hot. He bent me over on a picnic table, spit on my hole and went to town!

Who is your fantasy fuck? I’m ridiculously attracted to Brendan Patrick. He’s basically the most sexy man in the entire world.

What kind of guys do you like? I like so many types of guys. If I’m on the bottom bunk I like dudes to be stronger and more dominant. I want them to take charge and really use me for their benefit. If I’m on top, I like a dude to be somewhat submissive to me. I like to think of it as payback for all the times I play the same role.

Where is your favorite place to have sex? I love sex everywhere. Bedrooms, bathrooms, public restrooms — I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t mind whipping someone’s dick out at the club and going to town on the dance floor!

2 responses to Check Out More Pictures From Stephen Harte, Gay Porn’s Hottest Otter

  1. bowles said on October 9, 2016

    Stephen, you have The Most Perfectly -Virile- Sensuous- Hairy Male Body that I have ever seen, other than my own…

  2. j mitchell said on August 25, 2017

    Stephan is so very sexy in a great retro way, we need more of him. Love his hairy crack, a real dream come true. I am looking forward to Lucas doing a best of featuring Stephan, he is a real man.

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