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Thu, July 01, 2010

Ben Andrews: Top Eleven Movies Featuring His Eleven Inches

Ben Andrews is the Model of the Week at Lucas Few stars are blessed with endowments like Ben Andrews, and he’s been a proud member of the Lucas Exclusive stable for quite some time. Here are the trailers for the top ten movies from his big-dicked oeuvre (in no particular order). Leave your favorite picks in the comment section below!

The Intern (with Christian Cruz and Derrick Hanson)

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Gigolo (with Scott Tanner and Kurt Wild)

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Return to Fire Island (with Danny Parker)

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Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita (with Jack MacCarthy)

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Wall Street (with Rafael Alencar and Kain Warn)

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Brothers’ Reunion (with Tommy Deluca)

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Encounters 3: Flash Point (with Chad Hunt and Sal)

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Auditions 10 (with Jack MacCarthy)

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Auditions 22 (with Wolf Hudson)

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Cock Cribs (with Valentin Petrov)

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Auditions 28: A Knight With Wilfried (with Ryan Raz)

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Cockstalker (with Tom D.)

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