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Fri, October 01, 2010

Avi Dar answers your questions

1. What do you feel is your most attractive feature physically?

Hmm I think my eyes because you can look in them and see that I am hungry for sex all the time! Also I like my voice, I think my Israeli accent turns a lot of people on… you tell me.

2. Have u ever considered doing a feet fetish film?

I love to smell feet when having sex but I save that for private experiences…for now.

3. If the story of your life were to be filmed, whom would you want to play you?

Brigitte Bardot because she is incredible hot. Kidding. Probably that guy from X Men with the knives…Hugh Jackman he is so hot!

4. What is private in your life like?

I usually go for breakfast at this French café every morning to start off my day. I like going to the movies, staying in and playing games friend or going out to a bar/club. I am going to school again to better my English but my favorite hobby is photography.

5. Who was the first guy to make you want to bottom and was it as pleasurable for you then as it seems to be now.

I was in Israel and he was in the army… he had his uniform on and I remember he took me to this garden. He had such amazing sex appeal and his voice was turning me on so much. Of course it took awhile to get used to the feeling but damn it was hot!

5 responses to Avi Dar answers your questions

  1. Victor said on October 4, 2010

    I’ve always loved Israeli men. In general, they’re warm, engaging, open, friendly and completely unpretentious. As for the accent? It is very alluring. For me it’s this unusual soup of Mediterranean, Middle East, European-sounding flavors. It’s hard to pin down. In a couple of words? Very sexy.

    Thank you for taking my questions, btw.

  2. gemini said on December 2, 2010

    hey avi,i see ur pic,i have alot of pic of u,u r very hot and beautiful,i like your eys,i hope to have sex with u,i want your dick

  3. gemini said on December 2, 2010

    i love u avi,i love u,i hope i have sex with u,i want your dick,i want to sucking your dick and eat your creampie,i love u
    All of the guys in this group are hot but you are diffrent from other guys…
    I love u avi…

  4. Felipe said on August 27, 2011

    Hey Avi, you are sooo hot, I love all your scenes, and I have a lot pics of you! My dream is to meet you, you are diferent from the others, looove you so much!

  5. robin said on September 12, 2011

    Avi you are one of the most beautiful men I ever saw. Next to a very handsome manly, though sweet face, you have a beautiful muscular body, that is very well-proportioned with gorgeous strong shoulders, great pecs with just the right amount of hair on it, a hard ass, powerful manly thighs and a perfect-sized dick. Your accent is so sexy and your face so sweet. The small tattoo on top of your back and the freckles besides it on your great shoulders make you irresistible. I would love to know you and worship you and so much more….!

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