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Tue, November 16, 2010

Watch behind the scenes with hot Germans Carsten Andersson and Aaron Mark!

When Adam Killian cryptically refuses to answer Jonathan Agassi’s questions, he instead gives him a set of keys and sends him into the building’s parking garage, where Jonathan gets chased down by two knife-wielding blonds. He narrowly escapes, leaving his two German predators with some time on their hands. They retreat to an isolated cinder block room and immediately pounce on one another. Carsten Andersson descends to his knees to inhale Aaron’s engorged member and the two begin to strip off their black suits. Fair-skinned Carsten can’t get enough of Aaron Mark’s tan torso and big cock. He spits on Aaron’s face and Aaron sucks Carsten until he’s face down in the strawberry blond’s ginger pubes. Aaron dives into Carsten’s freckled ass like a scuba diver and has a party with his tongue! He enters Carsten from behind, and plows him diggy style, spanking Carsten’s cheeks with his hips. The flip back to some oral and Aaron takes charge again, fucking Carsten on top of a table until his cohort is cumming across his chest! Aaron finishes the day’s botched job with a big load over Carsten’s chest.

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1 response to Watch behind the scenes with hot Germans Carsten Andersson and Aaron Mark!

  1. Mark said on November 18, 2010

    Aaron Mark has real camera charisma -WOW — and his body is uber hot.

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