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Wed, August 15, 2012

On the Set with Will Helm and Tony Axel

Catch up with French studs Will Helm and Tony Axel on the set in Mykonos, Greece. Watch the lovers talk about their romantic scenes and check out the views from their cliff-side romp!

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Some might say that Will Helm has a wandering eye, but he’s just passionate for handsome men. It’s little effort on his part to seduce Tony Axel, who Will invites to his garden hideaway. Will and Tony both know nothing of restraint, nor should they: they romance one another with passionate kisses before breaking free of their white briefs. Love isn’t complete unless there is an strong sexual chemistry, and these men are erect from the beginning. They use their mouths to taste and pleasure one another, but it’s submission that Tony wants to experience at the hands of Will. First Will prepares Tony’s hole with his lips and tongue before situating him for anal sex. Tony begins by laying on his back and hoists his legs up, allowing Will to slip in and fuck him as they kiss. They become more aggressive; Tony gets on his hands and knees and completely submits to Will’s thrusts until they unleash their semen.

2 responses to On the Set with Will Helm and Tony Axel

  1. Johnny said on August 21, 2012

    please pair will helm with edji da silva!!!! it will be a dream come true

  2. Zeb said on August 27, 2012

    the only tjought of edji da silva with will helm would make any gay men squirt fountains lol yumm

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