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Wed, March 24, 2010

Carlos Caballero takes on LucasBlog!

Yesterday we started a new feature of “Jonathan Agassi Tuesdays” here on! We will also be hosting a series of guest hosts on Wednesdays to give our hot guys the podium to share something more than their gorgeous cocks and tight asses. We welcome our first guest posting from the Brazilian/Spanish stud Carlos Caballero!

Hey guys!

So glad to talk with you all here on LucasBlog! My name is Carlos Caballero and I’m Brazilian but I have been living in Spain for more than 15 yeas now. So my heart is completely divided on which is my home country. But either way English is not my first… or second language☺ I am now 35 years old and have been performing in adult movies for 7 years, with the last 5 also including behind-the-camera work. I have worked in over 25 films as an actor for various producers. I think I’ve been very lucky, because I could work with the best, both with fellow porn stars, and as well with great directors like my friend Michael Lucas.

My work has also given me the opportunity to travel to many different countries, like last fall when I went to Israel to film Inside Israel and Piss Gods! I will always keep this experience close in my memory.

As I mentioned earlier, about 5 years ago I began working behind the scenes for porn films, mostly as a photographer, videographer or casting director. In truth I really enjoy the difficult and fun work from this perspective, because I know exactly what is happening as an actor in front of the camera so that greatly helps me relate and convey what I need to the performers on the set. They say that as a photographer … I do it very well! And I’m very proud of my work! You will start to see my images here for Lucas Entertainment’s film SPANISH SEDUCTIONS.

Besides sex there are two other great loves of mine. First I love to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner and gather with friends. I find it very fun to get people at home and share a table with great friends and new ones… and maybe also I’ll share my bed 🙂 My second love is my motorcycle. I live for driving my bike down the road and losing myself in beautiful small towns. Normally I go with other friends who also have big bikes. But when I need speed, I can go alone, or I can grab someone behind me… like I did with mr.Pam in Barcelona 🙂

Regarding sex, I love to fuck. I enjoy it 100% and love the intimacy of a partner or in a group of guys☺ I think kissing is very important. A hot kiss with a lot passion can be a great invitation for hours of great sex. Normally in my private life I am more of a top and I like to suck a nice cock, eat a great ass, and then slowly put my dick inside and feel the heat deep within the body of another. Then when it’s over we, together feel the world full of pleasure and fantasy. As I always say: Let me be your FANTASY! mmmmmmm 🙂



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