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Thu, October 31, 2013

Behind the scenes with Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue

We went behind the scenes to capture Tomas and Logan as they got ready to shoot their scene. The two guys clearly have a strong connection and this little clip very well shows that there is more between the sheets then just dick and ass.

Check out Tomas Brand and his Husband Logan Rogue behind the scenes:

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3 responses to Behind the scenes with Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue

  1. mitch said on November 1, 2013

    I’m not yet into ‘mature’ men unless they’re coupled with a hot twink

  2. Axiom said on March 5, 2014

    I just can’t get over why so many men are resorting to participating in BAREBACKING! There are a lot of STDs and STIs out there! Do you who participate want to catch one or more? And as you know, there is NO CURE for AIDS. Yes, there are cocktails, but do you want the residue from these drugs to kill you?

    Perhaps all of you men who bareback should go back three decades and watch how AIDS came about, all of the men who died and suffered, etc. I am negative but I saw far too many men die from this horrendous disease.

  3. plunker1 said on May 16, 2015

    Read the opening disclaimer… These guys are all tested for STD’s including HIV before shooting bareback!!!

    Using a condom is like taking a shower in a raincoat!!!

    Come on Axiom, get real!!!

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