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Loving Him Raw - Front Cover

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If you really care about your partner in bed, then there’s no better physical expression than “Loving Him Raw”! Marcus Isaacs and Drew Sumrok are both aware of this, so they have bareback sex slowly and intimately with one another. Nova Rubio and Austin Chandler enjoy deep and intimate raw sex by candlelight, while Joseph Rough and David Lambert demonstrate why young love is the most intense. And David Sweet and Axel Fulling give each other the gift of cum to express their feelings! Don’t hold back when you’re “Loving Him Raw”!

Release Date: May 30, 2014
Runtime: 163 minutes
Genre: Gay Porn

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Austin Chandler - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Austin Chandler

Austin Chandler has a taste for chocolate in his sex life, and it’s not the candy. Black men are a big of an obsession for Austin: nothing drives him crazier than a hot gay black man with a well-sculpted physique. Turn that black man into a raw power top who loves gay bareback sex, and Austin is in heaven! Austin works as a waiter by day, lives in Nashville Tennessee, and loves getting fucked on his back by big black dick!

David Lambert - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

David Lambert

David Lambert was a perfect match when he was paired up with Joseph Rough in his first gay bareback sex scene on Lucas Entertainment: these re two young hot guys who know how to have sex, but also how to make love. David got into porn to make some extra money, and he loves having his ass eaten before getting fucked.

Drew Sumrok - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Drew Sumrok

If you like your bottom men to be big, macho and muscular, then look no further than Drew Sumrok. Don’t let his size fool you -- Drew might look like someone who prefers to pound ass, but he’s just as excited to bend over and feel a man deep inside! And there’s no question that he prefers raw dick over one wrapped up!

Joseph Rough - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Joseph Rough

Youth isn’t everything, but it’s a lot as proven by Joseph Rough -- this dude is young, handsome, has a smoking body, and it ready to fuck at a moment’s notice! Joseph is gay and proud of it, just as proud is he of the fact that he’s not a selfish lover. He loves to give as much as get. He’s got a beautiful cock that’s the right size for everything, for a good long blowjob to fucking a hot tight ass!

Marcus Isaacs - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Marcus Isaacs

New York City resident Marcus Isaacs is a muscular hunk who joined the hardcore gay porn industry to travel, earn notoriety, make money, and have ass-pounding sex with other hot guys! He was a bartender, DJ, and gym enthusiast before he joined the industry, and now he can’t stop having sex! Marcus favorite activity in bed is getting fucked, pure and simple, and he prefers men who have lots of muscles, a big dick, and have dark features!

Nova Rubio - Gay Models - Lucas Entertainment

Nova Rubio

Nova Rubio decision to get into the hardcore gay porn industry was an easy one to make: he loves men and having sex with them, so why not show it off for everyone else to see? Nova has a particular taste for a guy’s ass, and that means fucking them raw! The wildest place Nova had sex was in the back of a moving cab (he got a blowjob only, but it’s still hot) and his fantasy fuck is a big gay bareback cream pie party. That’s something we can help arrange!


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