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Jeff Stronger

The “strong” in Jeff Stronger is no joke -- this dude is one powerhouse. He’s gotten into bar fights in his past and isn’t afraid to stand up for himself when need be. He’s also aggressive in the bedroom when having sex with another man. He prefers gay bareback sex, and his favorite thing to do is stand over a guy and cradle the back of his bottom’s head in his hand while getting a blowjob. It’s all about dominance: that way the bottom knows who is in charge when Jeff is fucking him raw and hardcore!

Marco Milan

Marco Milan decided to make his debut in the gay porn industry after his lover Adam Killian decided to film his first bareback sex scene for Lucas Entertainment. The perfect match was Marco, his real-life lover! Marco is a beefcake who loves cock, both taking it and giving it. His favorite sexual activity is sucking cock, and he can’t wait to fuck in his first orgy!

Fostter Riviera

Fostter Riviera has made a name for himself in hardcore gay porn for three good reasons, even though he only needs one: he's got a massive uncut cock, he's incredibly handsome, and he fucks like he was bred for it. Fostter's first appearance on Lucas Raunch not fucking, but burying his own fist in his hole!

Mark Sanz

For a long time now, Mark Sanz has always been attracted to guys older than him. There’s nothing better when they have broad hulking chests, thick beards, and a fat cock between their legs that needs some servicing. That’s Mark’s greatest fantasy: to be the center of attention in a gang-bang of daddies. Mark’s favorite sexual activity is sucking a cock -- and he likes to gag when he’s doing it. Hold his head down and give him a try!

Austin Chandler

Austin Chandler has a taste for chocolate in his sex life, and it’s not the candy. Black men are a big of an obsession for Austin: nothing drives him crazier than a hot gay black man with a well-sculpted physique. Turn that black man into a raw power top who loves gay bareback sex, and Austin is in heaven! Austin works as a waiter by day, lives in Nashville Tennessee, and loves getting fucked on his back by big black dick!

Ricky Bombay

Ricky Bombay first kissed a guy when he was young, but it took him several more years before he finally took the plunge and went any further. “I was always curious, but it’s taboo here in Hungary. But when I was with my first guy, I knew I wanted to do it again and again,” his Hungarian interpreter told us. He started out by letting a guy suck his dick and shot his load in the oral bottom’s mouth. After that, he met someone more dominant than him who fucking him up his hole. Ricky now has turned his love for gay bareback sex into a career in porn!


Though Mike looks like a badass, he’s a quiet hunk with an angry look on his face, and you know what an angry look means: he’s an aggressive top that fucks first and asks questions later! Mike has a simple enough name, but he’s got rugged gypsy blood running through his veins, and it comes out when he’s having sex. Mike isn’t quick to admit that he likes having sex with guys: his first encounter with another man involved Mike getting his dick sucked and foreskin played with, and it didn’t take long for Mike to spin his oral bottoms around and star fucking them up the ass bareback!

Nova Rubio

Nova Rubio decision to get into the hardcore gay porn industry was an easy one to make: he loves men and having sex with them, so why not show it off for everyone else to see? Nova has a particular taste for a guy’s ass, and that means fucking them raw! The wildest place Nova had sex was in the back of a moving cab (he got a blowjob only, but it’s still hot) and his fantasy fuck is a big gay bareback cream pie party. That’s something we can help arrange!

Dirk Wakefield

When Dirk Wakefield isn't fucking in Lucas Entertainment's gay bareback sex scenes, he's teaching martial arts -- that explains why he has such great control of his body! Dirk's reason for starting modeling is simple -- he was asked and said yes. Dirk likes to flip-fuck in a poo, and his favorite type of dude are athletes.

Seamus O'Reilly

The furry little otter Seamus O'Reilly is young, compact, and has a big eight-inch dick between his legs. The craziest place Seamus has fucked was in a school library, he loves rimming (and even more so getting rimmed) and is a versatile bottom. After all, he loves to get his ass fucked, but sometimes the situation flips and he wants to stick his dick in an ass!

Anthony Verruso

Anthony Verruso is a bright faced twink with a beautiful smile, nice teeth, a slender body, and a big dick! He performs with Chris Crocker in his first scene on Lucas Entertainment, and needless to say, this needy little bottom is always begging for raw cock up his ass!

Drew Sumrok

If you like your bottom men to be big, macho and muscular, then look no further than Drew Sumrok. Don’t let his size fool you -- Drew might look like someone who prefers to pound ass, but he’s just as excited to bend over and feel a man deep inside! And there’s no question that he prefers raw dick over one wrapped up!

Raff Owen

Polish-born Raff Owen has been working for awhile as a waiter, but he's hot and knows how to have sex, so he reached out to Lucas Entertainment and got cast in some films! He's a versatile sex hound who enjoys blowjobs, rimming, kissing and group sex. The wildest place Raff has fucked was on a rooftop, and he'd like to re-enact the fantasy with power Latin-top Antonio Biaggi! It's no wonder, since he loves fucking around with Spanish and Latino men.

Morgan Black

What a wild choice of careers: Morgan Black started out in the Army, and then moved on to being a police officer, and now he’s taking off his clothes and giving us all the pleasure of seeing his hot body fuck other dudes on camera. Morgan wanted to try porn so he could be less shy about sex, and it looks like he’s doing just fine. Morgan once fucked a guy in his own police car, and he fantasizes about one day being the center of attention during a gang bang!

Addison Graham

Addison Graham came to Lucas Entertainment with the intention of rolling around with Michael Lachlan in a gay bareback sex scene, and that's exactly what he got! Addison loves to bend over and take cock up his tight little twink ass, and even better, we all love to watch it! Addison's incredible body and good looks will keep him fresh in the industry for years to come!

Justin Dean

In his own words, Justin Dean says that he is a twink trapped in a giant’s body. That’s because he’s blond, has a young face, has a lean body, and is well over six feet tall! Justin loves to have sex, and there is a particular position he loves to be in: the missionary position. Justin Dean is known for his taste of muscular hunks, and he prefers to top, though he’s been known to give his ass up to a guy he likes a lot!

Chris Crocker

Chris Crocker has made a name for himself in the digital landscape with his “Leave Brittney Alone!” video on YouTube. Of late he’s decided to convert his attention-getting personality by filming gay bareback porn, and it’s on Lucas Entertainment where he rams his raw dick into Justin Dean bareback! Chris Crocker is a top that loves to ram his cock in a hungry bottom twink!

Jacob Lee

There’s one quality about Jacob Lee that makes him a perfect fit for the gay bareback porn produced by Lucas Entertainment, and it’s because he’s always ready to go! Jacob Lee loves cock -- he loves to suck it, loves to take it up his ass, and loves to feel a hot batch of cum unload in his ass! Jacob has a special taste for muscular jocks, and that includes tasting them and they’re cum. And if it involves group sex, Jacob is there -- he feeds off of the carnal energy!

Saxton West

Saxton West is one of New York City’s hottest ginger guys around: his body is rock-hard with muscle, his cock is as thick as a tree branch, and he knows how to use it! Saxton is a guy with many talents, including playing the cello, speaking French, escorting, eating ass, and then fucking it after it is wet and quivering for a pounding! Saxton West is a wild guy in bed -- he even had sex on the A train and has a passion for both muscle boys with bubble butts and hairy daddies covered in tattoos!

Lewis Stone

Lewis Stone stopped by the Manhattan office of Lucas Entertainment looking to be in the movies. But Michael Lucas and Adam Killian weren't sure if he had the stuff to perform, so they asked Lewis to strip down, take a seat, and masturbate himself until he was ready to cum. This is the video footage of Lewis Stone's solo jerk-off audition. What do you think of him?

Marcus Isaacs

New York City resident Marcus Isaacs is a muscular hunk who joined the hardcore gay porn industry to travel, earn notoriety, make money, and have ass-pounding sex with other hot guys! He was a bartender, DJ, and gym enthusiast before he joined the industry, and now he can’t stop having sex! Marcus favorite activity in bed is getting fucked, pure and simple, and he prefers men who have lots of muscles, a big dick, and have dark features!

Fabio Stallone

The 10 inches of fat uncut meat hanging between Fabio Stallone’s legs is explained away by the fact that he was born in Italy. But the Italian hunk now calls San Diego home, and it’s there he learned he was an exhibitionist and wanted to earn some extra income in the hardcore gay porn industry. Fabio loves having bareback sex set in large groups, and when he’s fucking the doggy position is preferred. Muscular and hung guys are among Fabio’s preferred type, and his fantasy location is anywhere set in public where strangers can watch him getting it on!

Draven Torres

Draven Torres is as versatile as they come: he loves reading comic books and watching cartoons, working on farms and caring for animals, and having hot sweaty sex with men! What kind of sex? Well, Draven loves hopping on a guy reverse cowgirl and riding away, or if he is the one doing the fucking he wants a guy on his back with his legs up in the air. Draven also has a particular weakness for silver daddies!

Valentino Medici

Tall, dark, and broodingly seductive: are any other words needed to describe Valentino Medici? Valentino appears for the first time on Lucas Entertainment and Sex in Suits in the tenth installment of the Gentlemen series: Elite Class! He shows off his good looks and hot cock alongside the veteran stud muffin, Adam Killian!    

Marco Rubi

Tall, lean, and handsome: are any other words needed to describe Marco Rubi? Marco appears for the first time on Lucas Entertainment and Sex in Suits in the tenth installment of the Gentlemen series: Elite Class! He shows off his good looks and hot cock alongside the veteran stud muffin, Donato Reyes!

Fabio Lopez

Fabio Lopez appears for the first time on Lucas Entertainment in the tenth installment of the Gentlemen series: Elite Class! He shows off his sweet, handsome face and hot compact body with Edji Da Silva. Needless to say, since he’s debuting alongside Edji, he gets his ass pounded hardcore!

Geoffrey Paine

Geoffrey Paine is the boyfriend of Joe Gunner, and the two of them are making their start on Lucas Entertainment the only way they know how -- by having rough bareback sex with each other! Joe looks like a needy and hungry bottom, and while he can take a pounding from his man, even more so he can give one!

Joe Gunner

Joe Gunner is the boyfriend of Geoffrey Paine, and the two of them are making their start on Lucas Entertainment the only way they know how -- by having rough bareback sex with each other! Joe looks like a hard and edgy total top, and while he can deliver a pounding, even more so he can take one!

Robin Sanchez

Robin Sanchez is two things: he’s all muscle and he’s all bottom, and there’s no place for him better to show off than on the set of one of Lucas Entertainment’s gay bareback sex filming shoots. Robin’s favorite way to take raw cock up his ass is to straddle his partner while he is sitting on a chair. Once he’s got his muscular legs around the lucky guy, he takes a seat and rides up and down until his hole is filled with hot cum. Robin’s favorite hobby is swimming (and his beautiful body wet is a stunning sight to see) and he got into gay porn purely out of curiosity.

Blake Daniels

Who doesn't love a handsome blond porn star that loves raw dick up his ass? That's why Blake Daniels is so hot and horny -- he's always ready for gay bareback sex! His boyfriend in real life is Blue Bailey, but he couldn't wait to film a scene with him when he learned that Blake Daniels wanted to fuck him up his ass without a condom!