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Armond Rizzo

Sometimes amazing things certainly do come in small packages: that describes Armond Rizzo without flaw. Armond might be a small guy, but he’s hot as hell and he knows it. He’s got a stunningly handsome face, a killer physique, and a big fat uncut penis, reminding us why Latinos have some of the best cocks around. Armond loves getting his ass pounding in a hot gay bareback sex romp, and he’s really easy to toss around in the sack, making it all the more fun! It only it would be with his sexual fantasy, Trevor Knight!

Alexander Greene

Alexander Greene looks like he has a little bit of an attitude problem, but that’s not the case -- he’s just good-looking and knows how to use the brooding eyes to get what he wants. Alexander is good at sex and he likes to show off his goods, so he felt a natural attraction to Lucas Entertainment and in particular Michael Lucas when he came to work at the studio. Alexander is also a fan of not using condoms, so when it comes to fucking he prefers hot gay bareback sex!

Lucas Knight

To be honest, all of our jaws dropped when we saw Lucas Knight walk into studio of Lucas Entertainments New York City headquarters to shoot a gay bareback sex orgy for us. Yes, he’s performed for other studios in the past and he was always quite a few levels above just plain hot, but his premiere here will show you all how someone who is already handsome can become even more so. Lucas Knight has a beautiful natural face, a leanly muscled body, and a huge cock that can rival that of Vito Gallo. Needless to say, we will be inviting him back soon!

FX Rios

FX Rios has some of those classic Latino attributes on display: his beard is finely manicured, his hair perfectly barbered, his skin looks like caramel, and he has a cock we’d all love to suck! FX Rios knows what he’s good at, and that’s taking a cock up his ass; he especially loves it when his meat flops and bounces off of his stomach while his top choice of the night has railing his ass. And the best part of all is when the top grabs ahold and pumps his load out!

BJ Rhubarb

BJ Rhubarb traveled all the way from Russia out of his admiration for Michael Lucas. After all, if one Russian can do it, why can’t another? The stage name of BJ is not mistake, either. Our own BJ Rhubarb has a soft spot for oral sex, and when it’s said he has a soft spot he likes to get his throat trashed by a huge cock until jizz squirts down his throat!

Joey Visconti

Joey Visconti and his identical brothers, Jason and Jimmy, don’t consider themselves gay, they just fuck around with each other to make some extra cash on the side. And you really need to ask yourself honestly: would you want it any other way? A group of triplets doing gay for pay is way hotter than some emotional backstory! Joey and his brothers have killer bodies, love fucking bareback, and they know how to use their cocks!

Jason Visconti

Jason Visconti and his identical brothers, Joey and Jimmy, don’t consider themselves gay, they just fuck around with each other to make some extra cash on the side. And you really need to ask yourself honestly: would you want it any other way? A group of triplets doing gay for pay is way hotter than some emotional backstory! Jason and his brothers have killer bodies, love fucking bareback, and they know how to use their cocks!

Jimmy Visconti

Jimmy Visconti and his identical brothers, Joey and Jason, don’t consider themselves gay, they just fuck around with each other to make some extra cash on the side. And you really need to ask yourself honestly: would you want it any other way? A group of triplets doing gay for pay is way hotter than some emotional backstory! Jimmy and his brothers have killer bodies, love fucking bareback, and they know how to use their cocks!

Franko Gold

Here’s a fantasy for you to consider: have you ever seen a bouncer or stern-faced bodyguard who is really hot, and then you wonder what it would be like behind closed doors when said bodyguard fucks his boss? Well, Franko Gold is that bodyguard type. No, he doesn’t work as one, but we sure wish he did to make this fantasy come true! Franko claims he only fucks guys for money, but then he also says that he likes how tight a guy’s asshole feels, so he can’t be that straight!  

Zboy 25

Zboy 25 -- his name sounds more like a Scruff profile than it does a stage name, but on second thought, maybe that’s more effective! Zboy 25, after all, is in this to fuck hot guys on camera and make some in the process, which is why he got involved in gay bareback porn to begin with. And if that’s what he’s after, we are more than happy to offer him a venue!

David Sweet

There are jocks everywhere in the world (and thank goodness for that) and Lucas Entertainment found one such Hungarian stud the studio decided to film overseas. Meet David Sweet who is all muscle, all sex, and all attitude -- the best combination out there for a man! David fancies himself a top, but once you start playing with his asshole a little bit he will be on his back quicker than the world’s neediest bottom. 

Lars Svenson

There’s the woodland creature subset of the gay community: bears, cubs, wolves, and otters. Well, make no mistake that Lars Svenson is an otter in and out, and a frosty blonde one at that. True, Lars isn’t covered in mats of hair, but his personality is all otter, and his gorgeous blond beard is the perfect touch. And when you see Lars fuck like an animal, it will only make more sense!

Axel Fulling

Axel Fulling looks like he belongs in Brooklyn carrying a camera around his neck, and not on a Hungarian porn set, but we are certainly happy with the latter outcome! Axel has a hipster look to him that makes him oh so hot in an edgy way, but fucking is fucking, and when this guy gets going there is no stopping him until he reaching an orgasm! And he doesn’t like using protection, so he prefers if that orgasm is dropping a load in a guy’s ass after a long bareback fuck!

Logan Moore

Logan Moore has a face any man would be jealous of -- this guy is handsome, plain and simple, and when he gets cum all over it, that’s even better! It took Logan some time to come out of the closet, but when he didn’t he couldn’t control himself! His favorite sexual activity varies from mood to mood and hunger to hunger, but he usually enjoys being a little submissive at times and giving straight guys blowjobs while they’re sitting back on a couch watching straight porn!

Mike Tiger

Sex pig. Sex addict. These titles describe Mike Tiger and more, who got into hardcore gay porn because he wants to show off to other gay men! He loves bareback sex, the Raunch scene, and fucking around with guys in nightclub bathrooms!

Joseph Rough

Youth isn’t everything, but it’s a lot as proven by Joseph Rough -- this dude is young, handsome, has a smoking body, and it ready to fuck at a moment’s notice! Joseph is gay and proud of it, just as proud is he of the fact that he’s not a selfish lover. He loves to give as much as get. He’s got a beautiful cock that’s the right size for everything, for a good long blowjob to fucking a hot tight ass!

David Lambert

David Lambert was a perfect match when he was paired up with Joseph Rough in his first gay bareback sex scene on Lucas Entertainment: these re two young hot guys who know how to have sex, but also how to make love. David got into porn to make some extra money, and he loves having his ass eaten before getting fucked.

Ivan Gregory

These Europeans are bred for sex -- it's no wonder Lucas Entertainment has been filming overseas so much! Ivan Gregory was a perfect candidate  when our talent scouts found him. Europeans aren't as uptight about sex, and Ivan is a special case of someone who isn't shy at all!. Ivan loves raw cock, and that's a passion he shows off for the camera!

Jeff Stronger

The “strong” in Jeff Stronger is no joke -- this dude is one powerhouse. He’s gotten into bar fights in his past and isn’t afraid to stand up for himself when need be. He’s also aggressive in the bedroom when having sex with another man. He prefers gay bareback sex, and his favorite thing to do is stand over a guy and cradle the back of his bottom’s head in his hand while getting a blowjob. It’s all about dominance: that way the bottom knows who is in charge when Jeff is fucking him raw and hardcore!

Marco Milan

Marco Milan decided to make his debut in the gay porn industry after his lover Adam Killian decided to film his first bareback sex scene for Lucas Entertainment. The perfect match was Marco, his real-life lover! Marco is a beefcake who loves cock, both taking it and giving it. His favorite sexual activity is sucking cock, and he can’t wait to fuck in his first orgy!

Fostter Riviera

Fostter Riviera has made a name for himself in hardcore gay porn for three good reasons, even though he only needs one: he's got a massive uncut cock, he's incredibly handsome, and he fucks like he was bred for it. Fostter's first appearance on Lucas Raunch not fucking, but burying his own fist in his hole!

Mark Sanz

For a long time now, Mark Sanz has always been attracted to guys older than him. There’s nothing better when they have broad hulking chests, thick beards, and a fat cock between their legs that needs some servicing. That’s Mark’s greatest fantasy: to be the center of attention in a gang-bang of daddies. Mark’s favorite sexual activity is sucking a cock -- and he likes to gag when he’s doing it. Hold his head down and give him a try!

Austin Chandler

Austin Chandler has a taste for chocolate in his sex life, and it’s not the candy. Black men are a big of an obsession for Austin: nothing drives him crazier than a hot gay black man with a well-sculpted physique. Turn that black man into a raw power top who loves gay bareback sex, and Austin is in heaven! Austin works as a waiter by day, lives in Nashville Tennessee, and loves getting fucked on his back by big black dick!

Ricky Bombay

Ricky Bombay first kissed a guy when he was young, but it took him several more years before he finally took the plunge and went any further. “I was always curious, but it’s taboo here in Hungary. But when I was with my first guy, I knew I wanted to do it again and again,” his Hungarian interpreter told us. He started out by letting a guy suck his dick and shot his load in the oral bottom’s mouth. After that, he met someone more dominant than him who fucking him up his hole. Ricky now has turned his love for gay bareback sex into a career in porn!


Though Mike looks like a badass, he’s a quiet hunk with an angry look on his face, and you know what an angry look means: he’s an aggressive top that fucks first and asks questions later! Mike has a simple enough name, but he’s got rugged gypsy blood running through his veins, and it comes out when he’s having sex. Mike isn’t quick to admit that he likes having sex with guys: his first encounter with another man involved Mike getting his dick sucked and foreskin played with, and it didn’t take long for Mike to spin his oral bottoms around and star fucking them up the ass bareback!

Nova Rubio

Nova Rubio decision to get into the hardcore gay porn industry was an easy one to make: he loves men and having sex with them, so why not show it off for everyone else to see? Nova has a particular taste for a guy’s ass, and that means fucking them raw! The wildest place Nova had sex was in the back of a moving cab (he got a blowjob only, but it’s still hot) and his fantasy fuck is a big gay bareback cream pie party. That’s something we can help arrange!

Dirk Wakefield

When Dirk Wakefield isn't fucking in Lucas Entertainment's gay bareback sex scenes, he's teaching martial arts -- that explains why he has such great control of his body! Dirk's reason for starting modeling is simple -- he was asked and said yes. Dirk likes to flip-fuck in a poo, and his favorite type of dude are athletes.

Seamus O'Reilly

The furry little otter Seamus O'Reilly is young, compact, and has a big eight-inch dick between his legs. The craziest place Seamus has fucked was in a school library, he loves rimming (and even more so getting rimmed) and is a versatile bottom. After all, he loves to get his ass fucked, but sometimes the situation flips and he wants to stick his dick in an ass!

Anthony Verruso

Anthony Verruso is a bright faced twink with a beautiful smile, nice teeth, a slender body, and a big dick! He performs with Chris Crocker in his first scene on Lucas Entertainment, and needless to say, this needy little bottom is always begging for raw cock up his ass!

Drew Sumrok

If you like your bottom men to be big, macho and muscular, then look no further than Drew Sumrok. Don’t let his size fool you -- Drew might look like someone who prefers to pound ass, but he’s just as excited to bend over and feel a man deep inside! And there’s no question that he prefers raw dick over one wrapped up!