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Jim Fit

Jim Fit

Jim Fit is one hell of a gay porn model, and his stage name is as much a pun as it is an accurate representation of this guy’s body. Jim Fit, who is a Californian born and bred, is in killer shape, which is no surprise when you consider the fact that he’s a personal trainer and competitive athlete aside from his work in the gay adult entertainment industry. And even hotter is the fact that this strong, handsome, and virile guy is so cutthroat in his everyday life, but in the bedroom he completely gives in to submission as a total bottom. When asked why he decided to model for Lucas Entertainment, Jim Fit said: “I have always been a very sexually charged person. I was fortunate enough to have grown up doing gymnastics from a young age, so I always I had a body that was lean, muscular, and proportionate. I have always been confident in my skin and that confidence paired with a my very charged libido inspired me to become a model.”

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