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Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Ivo Kerk, Milos Zambo | Bareback Four-Way
Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Ivo Kerk, Milos Zambo | Bareback Four-Way

From -- Prague is a city that offers its visitors a 1,000 and 1 things to experience. Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen get caught out in the rain when they spot Ivo in the window, who warmly welcomes them in from out of the rain. No sooner are they in the door that the shirts are off and the kissing and groping begins. Jeans are dropped, hard cocks are released and the next Prague adventure begins. Wagner begins by sucking on Milos’ hard cock as Diego works over Ivo’s perfect, uncut cock. Milos Zambo is no match for the talents of Wagner’s’ talented mouth. Milos releases his hot load into Wagner’s hungry and awaiting mouth. The guys switch up positions as Milos begins working on Wagner’s fat cock and Ivo services Diego’s hard cock. Diego lubricates Ivo Kerk’s cock with his saliva then slides it into Milos’ awaiting hole. Ivo is in need of more lubricant and Diego applies more saliva to Ivo’s cock by pulling it out and sucking on it then pushing it back into Milos. Finding himself in a great position of having a mouth and ass to fuck and a hot cock to suck at the same time, is this a dream? Wagner then moves into position as Diego squats down on his cock all the way to his balls. Ivo moves in and sucks on Diego’s cock as Wagner continues to pound away at his ass. Wagner then positions himself on his back and Diego penetrates his hot ass with the full length of his cock. Wagner moans with complete desire as Diego fucks away at his ass and he sucks on Ivo’s cock. Diego delivers his hot creamy load all over Wagner’s balls and then fucks the rest of his load into Wagner as he releases his hot load in unison with his partners pumping. Ivo has become so turned on by this sight that he erupts his load all over Wagner’s chest and then feeds the remainder of his load into his mouth. How do you spend your rainy days?

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