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Hey guys, thanks so much for sending in your questions. I couldn't pick just five so I answered them all! Johnny Q: Hi, I just wanna say that I love your movies but I would like to know if you will shoot a movie in Peru?, best wishes for you, love from Iquitos Peru. A: No, I’m not planning on filming in Peru, although I have visited your country and I love the nation and the people. Dimitriv Q: Hi Michael, I am big fan of yours. Could you please tell why ain’t you ready to do a bottom scene. Do we get any chance to see you bottoming. Also why don't you invite some hotties from the industry like Pavel Novotny, Jirka Kalvoda, Brent Corrigan, Josh Weston, Jason Adonis and do an inter-studio g-porn video shoot. Won’t that be more exciting? A: Dimitriv, thank you for being a fan! I’m not bottoming because I don’t do it in my private life so I wouldn’t be able to do it right on film. As to your questions about other performers, I work with guy who request to work with my company so if they would like to be in a Lucas Entertainment movie then great! Pascal Q: I really enjoyed Piss Pigs and the fisting scene with Kayl O’Riley. So many twinks are into submission and ass play in Europe these days… Any plans of doing some more soon? A: Dear Pascal, thank you and in fact we make piss movies all the time. Check out Piss & Boots, Pissed On, Piss Gods, Piss Sluts, Piss, and Piss Pigs on Dave Q: When you going to do a whack off of handjob movie of you? A: No plans in the future to do any solo scenes of me but I did do one in Fire Island Cruising 1. Brad Q: Hi Michael, I would like to know if you get horny while you film?and if sometimes it happens that you jump on your boys while filming? Kisses Brad A: Sure I get very horny, but I always keep it professional. Alessandro Q: Dear Michael, I dream of a picture with a great piss orgy with a lot of hot guys pissing on one slut…wow!!!! Kisses Alessandro A: I dream about the same and one day we will make it. Brad Q: Hi Michael! I like the way you cum but you why you are silent while cuming?:) Thanks Brad A: Good question, I think I should work on that and actually let it out! Brad Q: Hi Michael! I really love your work!!! Have you ever bottomed?if not,would you ever bottom? I would like to know if you work as an escort too. Thanks Brad A: No, I never bottomed in life or on screen…so no plans for that. And no, I unfortunately don’t have time to work as an escort. Dway Q: Hey Michael have you made any progress in getting the porn career of Tommy Blade back on track like you did for Raphael Careras? I would love to see Tommy as part of your harem one day:) A: If Tommy Blade would like to make a comeback then he should definitely contact me. Geraldo Toscano Q: You like to have sex standing up or lying down? Thanks Geraldo A: I do it both ways, but I prefer laying down and if possible I like to be on a bed. Adam Q: What is your favorite adult scene or title that isn’t one of your own productions? Best, Adam A: To be honest, I don’t watch the work of other companies because I want to keep my own style and not to be influenced. A lot of other companies plagiarize my work and I don’t want to do the same unintentionally. L. Ron McFarlane Q: Hey! I was just wondering if you think a film based around the Pope would be too far? I think you folks would do it great justice! ATB A: I’m not afraid of break taboos but I am not interested in the Pope. I don’t think anything about him is sexy although judging by the way he dresses up he looks like a flamboyant queen. *Be sure to check out Michael's movies at and read all of Michael's articles on

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