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Welcome to Paradise

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Welcome to Paradise Front Cover

Michael Lucas ventures to tropical Fort Lauderdale to check in to the horniest resort in town. Managed by big-dicked bad boy Lucas exclusive Ray Star—who can't help but sneak a peak at all the hardcore fucking and sucking of his clientele—the resort is a steamy cruising paradise for a hard-bodied cast including Lucas exclusives Jonathan Vargas and Luke Stevens, plus Brian Bodine, Justin Burkshire, Angelo DiMarco, Matthew James, Trey Rexx, and Todd Welch. Poolside threesomes, jacuzzi fuckfests, and wild jungle hook-ups await you—Welcome to Paradise!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Jun 12, 2007

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Tony Dimarco

Runtime: 120 minutes

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Action Photos

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Img 2238 220x147
Img 2238 310x240
Img 2268 256x178
Img 2480 220x147
Img 2480 310x240
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Img 2494 1 220x147
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 mg 4441 310x240
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 mg 4491 310x240
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Model Photos

Bodine1 256x178
Bodine2 220x147
Bodine2 310x240
Burkshire justin1 256x178
Burkshire justin2 220x147
Burkshire justin2 310x240
Dimarco angelo1 1 256x178
Dimarco angelo2 1 220x147
Dimarco angelo2 1 310x240
Fender colby1 256x178
Fender colby2 220x147
Fender colby2 310x240
James matthew1 256x178
James matthew2 220x147
James matthew2 310x240
Ml1 3 256x178
Ml2 3 220x147
Ml2 3 310x240
Ml3 1 256x178
Rexx trey1 1 220x147
Rexx trey1 1 310x240
Rexx trey2 1 256x178
Star1 2 220x147
Star1 2 310x240
Star2 2 256x178
Stevens luke1 1 220x147
Stevens luke1 1 310x240
Stevens luke2 1 256x178
Vargas1 1 220x147
Vargas1 1 310x240
Vargas2 1 256x178
Welch todd1 1 220x147
Welch todd1 1 310x240
Welch todd2 1 256x178