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The Last Day

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The Last Day Front Cover

Lucas Exclusive Jonathan Agassi arrives by boat to a beautiful Mediterranean island but to his surprise the town is completely deserted: streets empty, beaches cleared and stores abandoned; as if in mid-day everyone simply disappeared. Suddenly two men on motorbikes (Will Helm and Kriss Aston) knock Jonathan down as they race by him. The men take Jonathan back to their refuge and explain the forsaken town. Five days prior they were given a final news cast. The anchorman read out the horrific news that world would come to an end. “It is time to be with family, friends and loved ones. These are our last days.” Since then all signals, cell phones, everything has been cut off. The two men have chosen to stay as everyone else fled to island. The men now have no choice but to live as if there is no tomorrow and fulfill their fantasies before sunset. But all is not as it seems when Jonathan digs deeper into the island and reveals an intricate plot by a fame-seeking killer (Damien Crosse) who will do anything for fans to praise him. The action-packed struggle between the truth and the end of the world has begun as the men brutally fight and fuck to survive THE LAST DAY!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Mar 30, 2012

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Adam Killian

Runtime: 133 minutes

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Action Photos

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Model Photos

Lvp123 adriano carrasco 03
Lvp123 adriano carrasco 07
Lvp123 adriano carrasco 11
Lvp123 bruno fernandez guiterrez 01
Lvp123 bruno fernandez guiterrez 05
Lvp123 bruno fernandez guiterrez 09
Lvp123 damien crosse 04
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Lvp123 issac jones 02
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Lvp123 jonathan agassi 04
Lvp123 jonathan agassi 08
Lvp123 jonathan agassi 12
Lvp123 jonathan agassi 16
Lvp123 jonathan agassi 20
Lvp123 kriss aston 04
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Lvp123 rafael carreras 01
Lvp123 rafael carreras 05
Lvp123 rafael carreras 09
Lvp123 rafael carreras 13
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Lvp123 will helm 06
Lvp123 will helm 10
Lvp123 will helm 14
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