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Swallow! Front Cover

Swallow with Pride features 8 sexy Eastern Europeans studs slurping, sucking, and swallowing loads of jizz! Their fat uncut cocks release torrents of sperm that is hungrily lapped up. Not one drop of cum is wasted! The action also includes intense fucking, heavy watersports action with many young men going to the limit, and much more! This is the perfect release for all cum-eating enthusiasts and not to be missed!

Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Jun 23, 2009

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Jazsef Budai

Runtime: 98 minutes

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Action Photos

Cain and moon 1 256x178
Cain and moon 2 220x147
Cain and moon 2 310x240
Cain and moon 3 256x178
Cain and moon 4 220x147
Cain and moon 4 310x240
Cain and moon 5 256x178
Cain and moon 6 220x147
Cain and moon 6 310x240
Cain and moon 7 256x178
Cain and moon 8 220x147
Cain and moon 8 310x240
Divko and ray 1 256x178
Divko and ray 2 220x147
Divko and ray 2 310x240
Divko and ray 3 256x178
Divko and ray 4 220x147
Divko and ray 4 310x240
Divko and ray 5 256x178
Divko and ray 6 220x147
Divko and ray 6 310x240
Divko and ray 7 256x178
Divko and ray 8 220x147
Divko and ray 8 310x240
Divko and ray 9 256x178
Divko and ray 10 220x147
Divko and ray 10 310x240
James and james 1 256x178
James and james 2 220x147
James and james 2 310x240
James and james 3 256x178
James and james 4 220x147
James and james 4 310x240
James and james 5 256x178
Rick and ted 1 220x147
Rick and ted 1 310x240
Rick and ted 2 256x178
Rick and ted 3 220x147
Rick and ted 3 310x240
Rick and ted 4 256x178
Rick and ted 5 220x147
Rick and ted 5 310x240

Model Photos

B moon 02 256x178
B moon 29 220x147
B moon 29 310x240
Divko 09 256x178
Divko 29 220x147
Divko 29 310x240
D cain 11 256x178
D cain 38 220x147
D cain 38 310x240
J jones 09 256x178
J jones 28 220x147
J jones 28 310x240
J jordan 04 256x178
J jordan 27 220x147
J jordan 27 310x240
R bauer 11 256x178
R bauer 38 220x147
R bauer 38 310x240
R randolf 02 256x178
R randolf 16 220x147
R randolf 16 310x240
T potter 09 256x178
T potter 27 220x147
T potter 27 310x240