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South Beach Seductions

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South Beach Seductions Front Cover

As the waves wash over the beaches of Miami, muscle hunks surf the shores for their next hookup. Once their eyes lock, they whip their fat cocks out of their swimsuits and pound each other's tight asses. These buff studs can't get enough thick Miami dick in their hole, and are always on the lookout for more! Here are five scenes and ten gorgeous models to satisfy your swimmer sex craving!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Feb 20, 2009

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: mr. Pam

Runtime: 150 minutes

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Action Photos

Felix andrews  john stone1 256x178
Felix andrews  john stone2 220x147
Felix andrews  john stone2 310x240
Felix andrews  john stone3 256x178
Felix andrews  john stone4 220x147
Felix andrews  john stone4 310x240
Felix andrews  john stone5 256x178
Riley burke  hunter vance1 220x147
Riley burke  hunter vance1 310x240
Riley burke  hunter vance2 256x178
Riley burke  hunter vance3 220x147
Riley burke  hunter vance3 310x240
Riley burke  hunter vance4 256x178
Riley burke  hunter vance5 220x147
Riley burke  hunter vance5 310x240
Scott alexander  dean tucker1 256x178
Scott alexander  dean tucker2 220x147
Scott alexander  dean tucker2 310x240
Scott alexander  dean tucker3 256x178
Scott alexander  dean tucker4 220x147
Scott alexander  dean tucker4 310x240
Scott alexander  dean tucker5 256x178
Sean preston  chris stevens1 220x147
Sean preston  chris stevens1 310x240
Sean preston  chris stevens2 256x178
Sean preston  chris stevens3 220x147
Sean preston  chris stevens3 310x240
Sean preston  chris stevens4 256x178
Sean preston  chris stevens5 220x147
Sean preston  chris stevens5 310x240
Tommy defendi  giovanni summers1 256x178
Tommy defendi  giovanni summers2 220x147
Tommy defendi  giovanni summers2 310x240
Tommy defendi  giovanni summers3 256x178
Tommy defendi  giovanni summers4 220x147
Tommy defendi  giovanni summers4 310x240
Tommy defendi  giovanni summers5 256x178

Model Photos

Chris stevens 1 256x178
Chris stevens 2 220x147
Chris stevens 2 310x240
Dean tucker 1 1 256x178
Dean tucker 2 1 220x147
Dean tucker 2 1 310x240
Felix andrews 1 256x178
Felix andrews 2 220x147
Felix andrews 2 310x240
Giovanni summers 1 2 256x178
Giovanni summers 2 2 220x147
Giovanni summers 2 2 310x240
Hunter vance 1 256x178
Hunter vance 2 220x147
Hunter vance 2 310x240
John stone 1 256x178
John stone 2 220x147
John stone 2 310x240
Riley burke 1 256x178
Riley burke 2 220x147
Riley burke 2 310x240
Scott alexander 1 1 256x178
Scott alexander 2 1 220x147
Scott alexander 2 1 310x240
Sean preston 1 256x178
Sean preston 1 1 220x147
Sean preston 1 1 310x240
Tom defendi 1 256x178
Tom defendi 2 220x147
Tom defendi 2 310x240