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Water Sports Gods

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Water Sports Gods Front Cover

Featuring golden showers of global proportions, Water Sports GODS is the answer to the prayers of watersports disciples around the world. These nasty, insatiable raunch whores have no limits, and fuck and suck with reckless abandon! Water Sports GODS features more than two hours of dirty Water Sports sex with Lucas Exclusives Jonathan Agassi and Michael Lucas, along with international studs Martin Passoli, Carlos Caballero, Baptiste Bremont, Guy Ronen, Menashe Ben-David, Bruno Jones, Ron Atias, Sasha Dov, Lavi Yacov, and Max Schutler.

Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Dec 14, 2009

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: mr. Pam

Runtime: 131 minutes

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Action Photos

Carlos cabelleromenashe 1 256x178
Carlos cabelleromenashe 2 220x147
Carlos cabelleromenashe 2 310x240
Carlos cabelleromenashe 3 256x178
Carlos cabelleromenashe 4 220x147
Carlos cabelleromenashe 4 310x240
Carlos cabelleromenashe 5 256x178
Guy ronenronatias 5 220x147
Guy ronenronatias 5 310x240
Guy ronenron atias 1 256x178
Guy ronenron atias 2 220x147
Guy ronenron atias 2 310x240
Guy ronenron atias 3 256x178
Guy ronenron atias 4 220x147
Guy ronenron atias 4 310x240
Jonathan agassilaci yacov 3 256x178
Jonathan agassilaci yacov 4 220x147
Jonathan agassilaci yacov 4 310x240
Jonathan agassilaci yacov 1 256x178
Jonathan agassilaci yacov 2 220x147
Jonathan agassilaci yacov 2 310x240
Jonathan agassilaci yacov 5 256x178
Jonathan agassimartin passoli 1 220x147
Jonathan agassimartin passoli 1 310x240
Jonathan agassimartin passoli 2 256x178
Jonathan agassimartin passoli 3 220x147
Jonathan agassimartin passoli 3 310x240
Jonathan agassimartin passoli 4 256x178
Jonathan agassimartin passoli 5 220x147
Jonathan agassimartin passoli 5 310x240
Jonathan agassisasha dov 1 256x178
Jonathan agassisasha dov 2 220x147
Jonathan agassisasha dov 2 310x240
Jonathan agassisasha dov 3 256x178
Jonathan agassisasha dov 4 220x147
Jonathan agassisasha dov 4 310x240
Jonathan agassisasha dov 5 256x178

Model Photos

Guy ronen 1 256x178
Guy ronen 2 220x147
Guy ronen 2 310x240
Jonathan agassi 1 1 256x178
Jonathan agassi 2 1 220x147
Jonathan agassi 2 1 310x240
Laci yacov 1 256x178
Laci yacov 2 220x147
Laci yacov 2 310x240
Ron atias 1 256x178
Ron atias 2 220x147
Ron atias 2 310x240