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Paris Playboys

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Paris Playboys Front Cover

Michael Lucas and cast speak the international language of SEX! France is loaded with hot sexy men from around the world, with rockhard uncut cocks dripping with sticky precum and begging for attention. They deep throat and pound ass like no one else on Earth! PARIS PLAYBOYS contains five steaming scenes, including a massive nine-man balls to the wall orgy, starring Lucas Entertainment exclusives Michael Lucas, Jonathan Agassi with Rafael Alencar, Antonio Cavalli, Mike Colucci, Glenn Coste, Brice Farmer, Ricky Love, Andy O'Neill, Sebastian Ritz, Jay Roberts, Marco Salguiero, and Christopher Smeyt.

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Sep 25, 2009

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: mr. Pam

Runtime: 169 minutes

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Action Photos

Dsc 5095 256x178
Dsc 5154 220x147
Dsc 5154 310x240
Dsc 5191 256x178
Dsc 5201 220x147
Dsc 5201 310x240
Dsc 5732 256x178
Dsc 5759 220x147
Dsc 5759 310x240
Dsc 5805 256x178
Dsc 5829 220x147
Dsc 5829 310x240
Dsc 6190 256x178
Dsc 6221 220x147
Dsc 6221 310x240
Dsc 6248 256x178
Dsc 6262 220x147
Dsc 6262 310x240
Dsc 6303 256x178
Dsc 6670 220x147
Dsc 6670 310x240
Dsc 6682 256x178
Dsc 6775 220x147
Dsc 6775 310x240
Dsc 6803 256x178
Dsc 6812 220x147
Dsc 6812 310x240
Img 4981 256x178
Img 4989 220x147
Img 4989 310x240
Img 5002 256x178
Img 5024 220x147
Img 5024 310x240
Img 5067 256x178
Img 5293 220x147
Img 5293 310x240

Model Photos

Andy oneill 1 256x178
Andy oneill 2 220x147
Andy oneill 2 310x240
Antonio cavalli 1 256x178
Antonio cavalli 2 220x147
Antonio cavalli 2 310x240
Brice farmer 1 256x178
Brice farmer 2 220x147
Brice farmer 2 310x240
Christopher smeyt 1 256x178
Christopher smeyt 2 220x147
Christopher smeyt 2 310x240
Jay roberts 1 256x178
Jay roberts 2 220x147
Jay roberts 2 310x240
Jonathan agassi 1 1 256x178
Jonathan agassi 2 1 220x147
Jonathan agassi 2 1 310x240
Marco salgueiro 1 256x178
Marco salgueiro 2 220x147
Marco salgueiro 2 310x240
Mike colucci 1 256x178
Mike colucci 2 220x147
Mike colucci 2 310x240
Rafael alencar 1 256x178
Rafael alencar 2 220x147
Rafael alencar 2 310x240
Ricky love 1 256x178
Ricky love 2 220x147
Ricky love 2 310x240
Sebastian ritz 1 256x178
Sebastian ritz 2 220x147
Sebastian ritz 2 310x240