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Inside Prague

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Inside Prague Front Cover

Michael Lucas and exclusive Jonathan Vargas delve deep INSIDE PRAGUE, where they fuck hardcore with a fresh cast of kinky twinks! This Director's Edition is available only from and has 3 hours, 17 guys, 5 scenes, 2 bonus kink scenes and 8 watersports scenes on a two disc set!!!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Sep 28, 2007

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Lucas Entertainment

Runtime: 180 minutes

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Model Photos

Agasi jon1 256x178
Agasi jon2 220x147
Agasi jon2 310x240
Angelo ralf1 256x178
Angelo ralf2 220x147
Angelo ralf2 310x240
Artis anton1 256x178
Artis anton2 220x147
Artis anton2 310x240
Dante1 256x178
Dante2 220x147
Dante2 310x240
Jackie jacky1 256x178
Jackie jacky2 220x147
Jackie jacky2 310x240
Lars elgid1 256x178
Lars elgid2 220x147
Lars elgid2 310x240
Luka toni1 1 256x178
Luka toni2 1 220x147
Luka toni2 1 310x240
Maldini jonathan1 256x178
Maldini jonathan2 220x147
Maldini jonathan2 310x240
Marik1 256x178
Marik2 220x147
Marik2 310x240
Santos nicolas1 256x178
Santos nicolas2 220x147
Santos nicolas2 310x240
Smirnov ryan1 256x178
Smirnov ryan2 220x147
Smirnov ryan2 310x240