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Feet Extreme!

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Feet Extreme! Front Cover

Lucas Entertainment catches the raunchiest, nastiest toe-sucking pigs tearing into each other without abandon. Featuring Lucas Entertainment Exclusives: Michael Lucas, Matan Shalev, Dimitri Romanov, and Valentin Petrov, along with scorching-hot Rafael Alencar, Arpad Miklos, Manuel Torres, Andrew James, and hot newcomer Johnny Angel.

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Aug 06, 2009

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: mr. Pam

Runtime: 180 minutes

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Action Photos

Arpad and johnny 1 256x178
Arpad and johnny 2 220x147
Arpad and johnny 2 310x240
Arpad and johnny 3 256x178
Arpad and johnny 4 220x147
Arpad and johnny 4 310x240
Arpad and johnny 5 256x178
Manuel and valentin 1 220x147
Manuel and valentin 1 310x240
Manuel and valentin 2 256x178
Manuel and valentin 3 220x147
Manuel and valentin 3 310x240
Manuel and valentin 4 256x178
Manuel and valentin 5 220x147
Manuel and valentin 5 310x240
Matan and dimirti 2 256x178
Matan and dimirti 5 220x147
Matan and dimirti 5 310x240
Matan and dimitri 1 256x178
Matan and dimitri 3 220x147
Matan and dimitri 3 310x240
Matan and dimitri 4 256x178
Nick and michael 1 220x147
Nick and michael 1 310x240
Nick and michael 2 256x178
Nick and michael 3 220x147
Nick and michael 3 310x240
Nick and michael 4 256x178
Nick and michael 5 220x147
Nick and michael 5 310x240
Rafael and andrew 1 256x178
Rafael and andrew 2 220x147
Rafael and andrew 2 310x240
Rafael and andrew 3 256x178
Rafael and andrew 4 220x147
Rafael and andrew 4 310x240
Rafael and andrew 5 256x178

Model Photos

Alencar 1 256x178
Alencar 2 220x147
Alencar 2 310x240
Angel 1 256x178
Angel 2 220x147
Angel 2 310x240
Capra 1 256x178
Capra 2 220x147
Capra 2 310x240
James jr 1 256x178
James jr 2 220x147
James jr 2 310x240
Miklos 1 256x178
Miklos 2 220x147
Miklos 2 310x240
Romanov 1 256x178
Romanov 2 220x147
Romanov 2 310x240
Shalev 1 256x178
Shalev 2 220x147
Shalev 2 310x240
Torres 1 256x178
Torres 2 220x147
Torres 2 310x240
Valentin 1 1 256x178
Valentin 2 1 220x147
Valentin 2 1 310x240