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FARTS! Front Cover

Michael Lucas lets loose with FARTS! Ten studs spread their cheeks and open their holes for our raunchiest release yet. These guys just can't hold it in and beg for more. Join Michael Lucas, Jason Crew, Nick Capra and more in five scenes of the most memorable sounds you'll ever see! Includes over 4 hours of XXX hardcore action!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Sep 11, 2008

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: mr. Pam

Runtime: 180 minutes

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Action Photos

Jason crew  danny delta1 256x178
Jason crew  danny delta2 220x147
Jason crew  danny delta2 310x240
Jason crew  danny delta3 256x178
Jason crew  danny delta4 220x147
Jason crew  danny delta4 310x240
Jason crew  danny delta5 256x178
Jason crew  danny delta6 220x147
Jason crew  danny delta6 310x240
Josef jacobs  micah lawrence1 256x178
Josef jacobs  micah lawrence2 220x147
Josef jacobs  micah lawrence2 310x240
Josef jacobs  micah lawrence3 256x178
Josef jacobs  micah lawrence5 220x147
Josef jacobs  micah lawrence5 310x240
Josef jacobs  micah lawrence5 1 256x178
Josef jacobs  micah lawrence6 220x147
Josef jacobs  micah lawrence6 310x240
Josef jacobs  micah lawrence7 256x178
Michael lucas  cam casey1 220x147
Michael lucas  cam casey1 310x240
Michael lucas  cam casey2 256x178
Michael lucas  cam casey3 220x147
Michael lucas  cam casey3 310x240
Michael lucas  cam casey4 256x178
Michael lucas  cam casey5 220x147
Michael lucas  cam casey5 310x240
Michael lucas  cam casey6 256x178
Nick capra and jason crew1 220x147
Nick capra and jason crew1 310x240
Nick capra and jason crew2 256x178
Nick capra and jason crew3 220x147
Nick capra and jason crew3 310x240
Nick capra and jason crew4 256x178
Nick capra and jason crew5 220x147
Nick capra and jason crew5 310x240
Nick capra and jason crew6 256x178
Nick capra and jason crew7 220x147
Nick capra and jason crew7 310x240
Shaun phillips  jason sparks1 256x178
Shaun phillips  jason sparks2 220x147
Shaun phillips  jason sparks2 310x240
Shaun phillips  jason sparks3 256x178
Shaun phillips  jason sparks4 220x147
Shaun phillips  jason sparks4 310x240
Shaun phillips  jason sparks5 256x178
Shaun phillips  jason sparks6 220x147
Shaun phillips  jason sparks6 310x240
Shaun phillips  jason sparks7 256x178

Model Photos

Cam casey1 256x178
Cam casey2 220x147
Cam casey2 310x240
Capra1 256x178
Capra2 220x147
Capra2 310x240
Crew1 256x178
Crew2 220x147
Crew2 310x240
Danny delta1 256x178
Danny delta2 220x147
Danny delta2 310x240
Jason sparks1 256x178
Jason sparks2 220x147
Jason sparks2 310x240
Josef jakobs 256x178
Josef jakobs2 220x147
Josef jakobs2 310x240
Micah lawrence1 256x178
Micah lawrence2 220x147
Micah lawrence2 310x240
Shawn phillips1 256x178
Shawn phillips2 220x147
Shawn phillips2 310x240