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Encounters 3: Flash Point

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Encounters 3: Flash Point Front Cover

GayVN NOMINATED! Best Threesome: Chad Hunt, Sal & Ben Andrews! Whose dick is bigger? Chad Hunt's or Ben Andrews'? It's the question taking the porn industry by storm in 2006, and now, with the release of Lucas Entertainment's Encounters 3: Flash Point you can finally decide for yourself.

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Jun 30, 2006

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Tony Dimarco

Runtime: 116 minutes

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Bbooth 3some nm 256x178
Bbooth 3some nma 220x147
Bbooth 3some nma 310x240
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Bbooth 339 310x240
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Bbooth 371 310x240
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Bbooth baforeground m 220x147
Bbooth baforeground m 310x240
Enc3 ray danny1 256x178
Enc3 ray danny2 220x147
Enc3 ray danny2 310x240
Enc3 ray danny3 256x178
Enc3 ray danny4 220x147
Enc3 ray danny4 310x240
Enc3 ray danny5 256x178
Enc3 ray danny6 220x147
Enc3 ray danny6 310x240
Enc3 ray danny7 256x178
Enc3 ray danny8 220x147
Enc3 ray danny8 310x240
Enc3 ray danny9 256x178
Enc3 ray danny10 220x147
Enc3 ray danny10 310x240
Enc3 ray danny11 256x178
Enc3 ray danny12 220x147
Enc3 ray danny12 310x240
Enc3 wilson1 256x178
Enc3 wilson2 220x147
Enc3 wilson2 310x240
Enc3 wilson3 256x178
Enc3 wilson4 220x147
Enc3 wilson4 310x240
Enc3 wilson5 256x178