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Cruising Budapest V: The Mangiattis

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Cruising Budapest V: The Mangiattis Front Cover

Watch the Mangiattis fuck and suck their way through Budapest together! Michael Lucas fucks them both with a double-headed dildo, along with much much more in the fifth edition of our popular series!

Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Jan 08, 2008

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Lucas Entertainment

Runtime: 120 minutes

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Action Photos

Bauer shadow 17 256x178
Bauer shadow 37 220x147
Bauer shadow 37 310x240
Bauer shadow 88 256x178
Belaggio vincenzo 12 220x147
Belaggio vincenzo 12 310x240
Belaggio vincenzo 31 256x178
Belaggio vincenzo 45 220x147
Belaggio vincenzo 45 310x240
Laurel valentino 141 256x178
Laurel valentino 174 220x147
Laurel valentino 174 310x240
Laurel valentino 209 256x178
Twins lucas hunt 008 220x147
Twins lucas hunt 008 310x240
Twins lucas hunt 024 256x178
Twins lucas hunt 040 220x147
Twins lucas hunt 040 310x240
Twins lucas hunt 065 256x178

Model Photos

Enrico belaggio 032 256x178
Enrico belaggio 080 220x147
Enrico belaggio 080 310x240
Fabricio and fernando mangiatti 13 256x178
Fabricio and fernando mangiatt 14 220x147
Fabricio and fernando mangiatt 14 310x240
Fabricio and fernando mangiatt 1134 256x178
Fabricio and fernando mangiatt 1170 220x147
Fabricio and fernando mangiatt 1170 310x240
Flavio valentino 042 256x178
Flavio valentino 077 220x147
Flavio valentino 077 310x240
Jack laurel 19 256x178
Jack laurel 37 220x147
Jack laurel 37 310x240
Julian vincenzo 035 256x178
Julian vincenzo 058 220x147
Julian vincenzo 058 310x240
Peter shadow 49 256x178
Peter shadow 56 220x147
Peter shadow 56 310x240
Rick bauer 14 256x178
Rick bauer 56 220x147
Rick bauer 56 310x240
Steve hunt 058 256x178
Steve hunt 104 220x147
Steve hunt 104 310x240