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Cruising Budapest IV: Jonathan Vargas

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Cruising Budapest IV: Jonathan Vargas Front Cover

Michael Lucas and his big-dicked exclusive Jonathan Vargas plunge deep into the capital of Hungary, where smooth twinks and hardcore sex abound! Watch as they fuck and suck their way through a cast of hot guys including Sebastian Bronco, Chris Hacker, Mario McGabe, Evan Rochelle, Sanjoy, Sergio Soldi and Tony! Features: 9 Hard Bodied Studs, 5 Sizzling Scenes, XXX Hardcore Action, Cast Interviews, Behind the Scenes and 3 Watersports Scenes!!!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Nov 21, 2007

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Lucas Entertainment

Runtime: 120 minutes

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Action Photos

Bronco rochelle 16 256x178
Bronco rochelle 39 220x147
Bronco rochelle 39 310x240
Bronco rochelle 62 256x178
Lucas tony 37 220x147
Lucas tony 37 310x240
Lucas tony 42 256x178
Lucas tony 69 220x147
Lucas tony 69 310x240
Mcgabe sanjoy 025 256x178
Mcgabe sanjoy 044 220x147
Mcgabe sanjoy 044 310x240
Mcgabe sanjoy 110 256x178
Vargas hacker 56 220x147
Vargas hacker 56 310x240
Vargas hacker 67 256x178
Vargas hacker 83 220x147
Vargas hacker 83 310x240
Vargas soldi 21 256x178
Vargas soldi 36 220x147
Vargas soldi 36 310x240
Vargas soldi 62 256x178

Model Photos

Chris hacker 20 256x178
Chris hacker 41 220x147
Chris hacker 41 310x240
Evan rochelle 021 256x178
Evan rochelle 067 220x147
Evan rochelle 067 310x240
Jonathan vargas 01 256x178
Jonathan vargas 32 220x147
Jonathan vargas 32 310x240
Mario mccabe 12 256x178
Mario mccabe 15 220x147
Mario mccabe 15 310x240
Sanjoy 061 256x178
Sanjoy 091 220x147
Sanjoy 091 310x240
Sebastian bronco 053 256x178
Sebastian bronco 091 220x147
Sebastian bronco 091 310x240
Sergio soldi 046 256x178
Sergio soldi 063 220x147
Sergio soldi 063 310x240
Tony 044 256x178
Tony 052 220x147
Tony 052 310x240