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Cruising Budapest III: Lucio Maverick

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Cruising Budapest III: Lucio Maverick Front Cover

Hunky Euro stud Lucio Maverick bottoms for the very first time in his career during Michael Lucas' third sex-crazed trip to the Hungarian capital! Michael himself pumps Lucio's virgin ass in every position (including Michael's now-trademark helicopter spin) and brings the camera deep inside Lucio's gaping, yearning hole. The juicy jizz also flies when Lucio hooks up with hottie Buck Munroe. Also starring Ludovic Canot, Chris Hacker, Steve Hunt, Tim Kruger, Flavio Valentino, and Julian Veneziano... the third time's the charm for "Cruising Budapest 3: Lucio Maverick"!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Oct 04, 2007

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Lucas Entertainment

Runtime: 120 minutes

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Action Photos

Sch luma 010 256x178
Sch luma 078 220x147
Sch luma 078 310x240
Sch luma 085 256x178
Sch luma 134 220x147
Sch luma 134 310x240
Sch luma 149 256x178
Sch valbon 61 220x147
Sch valbon 61 310x240
Scs luma 088 256x178
Scs luma 250 220x147
Scs luma 250 310x240
Scs valbon 071 256x178
Scs valbon 105 220x147
Scs valbon 105 310x240
Sc hachun 068 256x178
Sc hachun 096 220x147
Sc hachun 096 310x240
Sc hachun 105 256x178
Sc mavmon 05 220x147
Sc mavmon 05 310x240
Sc mavmon 16 256x178
Sc mavmon 47 220x147
Sc mavmon 47 310x240
Sc talbon 015 256x178
Sc talbon 058 220x147
Sc talbon 058 310x240
Sc talbon 092 256x178

Model Photos

Buck monroe 53 256x178
Buck monroe 69 220x147
Buck monroe 69 310x240
Chris hacker 039 256x178
Chris hacker 089 220x147
Chris hacker 089 310x240
Flavio valentino 013 256x178
Flavio valentino 079 220x147
Flavio valentino 079 310x240
Julian veneziano 040 256x178
Julian veneziano 113 220x147
Julian veneziano 113 310x240
Lucio maverick 005 256x178
Lucio maverick 049 220x147
Lucio maverick 049 310x240
Steve hunt 41 256x178
Steve hunt 51 220x147
Steve hunt 51 310x240
Tim kruger 055 256x178
Tim kruger 071 220x147
Tim kruger 071 310x240