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Cruising Budapest II: Ben Andrews

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Cruising Budapest II: Ben Andrews Front Cover

Following his cum-splattered first trip to Budapest, Michael Lucas flies the guy with the biggest dick in the industry, Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews, to experience what the sex-crazed Hungarian capital is all about. Ben sucks and fucks his way through a bevy of hung hotties, including a threesome with Mario McGabe and Evan Rochelle and a steamy pairing with newcummer Ludovic Canot. Also features Ben's first ever watersports scene and an uncut cast including Claudio Antonelli, Rick Bauer, Ted Colunga, Marcel, and George Vidanov.

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Jun 04, 2007

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Lucas Entertainment

Runtime: 180 minutes

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Action Photos

Sc colbau 050 256x178
Sc colbau 106 220x147
Sc colbau 106 310x240
Sc colbau 141 256x178
Sc lucschlu 24 220x147
Sc lucschlu 24 310x240
Sc lucschlu 38 256x178
Sc lucschlu 52 220x147
Sc lucschlu 52 310x240
Sc roanmc 02 256x178
Sc roanmc 12 220x147
Sc roanmc 12 310x240
Sc roanmc 19 256x178
Sc vidant 052 220x147
Sc vidant 052 310x240
Sc vidant 079 256x178
Sc vidant 124 220x147
Sc vidant 124 310x240

Model Photos

Bandrews 029 256x178
Bandrews 030 220x147
Bandrews 030 310x240
C antonelli 06 256x178
C antonelli 18 220x147
C antonelli 18 310x240
E rochelle 046 256x178
E rochelle 058 220x147
E rochelle 058 310x240
G vidanov 03 256x178
G vidanov 14 220x147
G vidanov 14 310x240
Ludovic canot 28 256x178
Ludovic canot 58 220x147
Ludovic canot 58 310x240
Marcel 03 256x178
Marcel 78 220x147
Marcel 78 310x240
M mccabe 16 256x178
M mccabe 32 220x147
M mccabe 32 310x240
R bauer 28 256x178
R bauer 65 220x147
R bauer 65 310x240
T colunga 22 256x178
T colunga 42 220x147
T colunga 42 310x240