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Auditions 31: Israeli Auditions

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Auditions 31: Israeli Auditions Front Cover

Watch as the MEN OF ISRAEL stars are grilled by Michael Lucas before e has his way with them! Here is the very first time Jonathan Agassi, Avi Dar, and Matan Shalev show off their talent for fucking and sucking. The sexy cast is joined by Ben David, Chen Shaout, and Idan Segev and show you everything Israel has to offer!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Sep 11, 2009

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: mr. Pam

Runtime: 160 minutes

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Action Photos

Avidar matanshalev 1 256x178
Avidar matanshalev 2 220x147
Avidar matanshalev 2 310x240
Avidar matanshalev 3 256x178
Avidar matanshalev 4 220x147
Avidar matanshalev 4 310x240
Avidar matanshalev 5 256x178
Bendavid idansegev 1 220x147
Bendavid idansegev 1 310x240
Bendavid idansegev 2 256x178
Bendavid idansegev 3 220x147
Bendavid idansegev 3 310x240
Bendavid idansegev 4 256x178
Bendavid idansegev 5 220x147
Bendavid idansegev 5 310x240
Chenshaout michaellucas1 256x178
Chenshaout michaellucas2 220x147
Chenshaout michaellucas2 310x240
Chenshaout michaellucas3 256x178
Chenshaout michaellucas4 220x147
Chenshaout michaellucas4 310x240
Chenshaout michaellucas5 256x178
Jonathanagassi michaellucas1 220x147
Jonathanagassi michaellucas1 310x240
Jonathanagassi michaellucas2 256x178
Jonathanagassi michaellucas3 220x147
Jonathanagassi michaellucas3 310x240
Jonathanagassi michaellucas4 256x178
Jonathanagassi michaellucas5 220x147
Jonathanagassi michaellucas5 310x240
Matanshalev michaellucas1 256x178
Matanshalev michaellucas2 220x147
Matanshalev michaellucas2 310x240
Matanshalev michaellucas3 256x178
Matanshalev michaellucas4 220x147
Matanshalev michaellucas4 310x240
Matanshalev michaellucas5 256x178

Model Photos

Avi dar1 1 256x178
Avi dar2 1 220x147
Avi dar2 1 310x240
Ben david1 256x178
Ben david2 220x147
Ben david2 310x240
Chen shaout1 256x178
Chen shaout2 220x147
Chen shaout2 310x240
Idan segev1 256x178
Idan segev2 220x147
Idan segev2 310x240
Jonathan agassi1 256x178
Jonathan agassi2 220x147
Jonathan agassi2 310x240
Matan shalev1 1 256x178
Matan shalev2 1 220x147
Matan shalev2 1 310x240