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Auditions 23

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Auditions 23 Front Cover

The 23rd edition of our award-winning Auditions series features 10 gorgeous guys fucking, sucking, rimming, and cumming like there's no tomorrow. Michael Lucas prepares an international cast for their close up in five hot scenes that include fisting and piss-swallowing. It's all in AUDITIONS VOLUME 23!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Mar 20, 2008

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Jazsef Budai

Runtime: 150 minutes

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Model Photos

Bauer rick 18 256x178
Bauer rick 35 220x147
Bauer rick 35 310x240
Belaggio enrico 042 256x178
Belaggio enrico 085 220x147
Belaggio enrico 085 310x240
Belaggio renato 003 256x178
Belaggio renato 088 220x147
Belaggio renato 088 310x240
Bronco sebastian 12 256x178
Bronco sebastian 22 220x147
Bronco sebastian 22 310x240
Cassano adriano 022 256x178
Cassano adriano 089 220x147
Cassano adriano 089 310x240
Cole matthew 038 256x178
Cole matthew 069 220x147
Cole matthew 069 310x240
Junior tattoo 22 256x178
Junior tattoo 28 220x147
Junior tattoo 28 310x240
Liberace 048 256x178
Liberace 077 220x147
Liberace 077 310x240
Vincenzo julian 14 256x178
Vincenzo julian 32 220x147
Vincenzo julian 32 310x240