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Auditions 22

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Auditions 22 Front Cover

The 22nd edition of our award winning Auditions Series features 10 gorgeous guys and 5 hot scenes. That's over 3 hours of cum shots, facials, 3-ways, double headed dildos, foot play, fingering, monster dicks, first timers, deep throating, goatees, fucking, uncut cocks, rimming, tattoos and more!!!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Feb 20, 2008

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Tony Dimarco

Runtime: 150 minutes

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Model Photos

Iraq1 256x178
Iraq2 220x147
Iraq2 310x240
Jason taurus1 256x178
Jason taurus2 220x147
Jason taurus2 310x240
Masceo1 256x178
Masceo2 220x147
Masceo2 310x240
Miguel r1 256x178
Miguel r2 220x147
Miguel r2 310x240
Panther mitchell1 256x178
Panther mitchell2 220x147
Panther mitchell2 310x240
Ryan kane1 256x178
Ryan kane2 220x147
Ryan kane2 310x240
Uncle luc1 256x178
Uncle luc2 220x147
Uncle luc2 310x240
Will1 256x178
Will2 220x147
Will2 310x240
Wolf hudson1 256x178
Wolf hudson2 220x147
Wolf hudson2 310x240