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Auditions 18: Florida, Part 1

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Auditions 18: Florida, Part 1 Front Cover

Michael Lucas flies his camera crew to sunny Florida for the 18th sizzling edition of his award-winning Auditions series! With the help of exclusives Ray Star and Jonathan Vargas, he meets tons of fresh new faces. From new-cummer Todd Welch (who's perfect ass shows Ray's thick dick a good time) to cover model hottie Albert Long (who's meaty member lives up to his name), the heat is turned WAY up for Auditions 18 - Florida Part 1!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Apr 27, 2007

Producer: Michael Lucas

Director: Michael Lucas and Tony Dimarco

Runtime: 120 minutes

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Model Photos

Daniels cole1 256x178
Daniels cole2 220x147
Daniels cole2 310x240
Long albert1 256x178
Long albert2 220x147
Long albert2 310x240
Michaels jorden1 256x178
Michaels jorden2 220x147
Michaels jorden2 310x240
Miguel1 256x178
Miguel2 220x147
Miguel2 310x240
Perez mario1 256x178
Perez mario2 220x147
Perez mario2 310x240
Scott derek1 256x178
Scott derek2 220x147
Scott derek2 310x240
Star ray1 256x178
Star ray2 220x147
Star ray2 310x240
Tj1 256x178
Tj2 220x147
Tj2 310x240
Vargas jonathan1 1 256x178
Vargas jonathan2 1 220x147
Vargas jonathan2 1 310x240
Welch todd1 256x178
Welch todd2 220x147
Welch todd2 310x240