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Auditions 17

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Auditions 17 Front Cover

For the 17th edition of Michael Lucas' award-winning Auditions series, Michael sets off to Budapest, Hungary, and discovers plenty of cock-hungry fresh faces! All 10 of these newcomers are a treat for twink and water sports lovers alike. They love to suck, fuck, swallow cum, and swallow piss for the camera and you'll love to watch!

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Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Release Date: Mar 20, 2007

Producer: Lucas Entertainment

Director: Jazsef Budai

Runtime: 147 minutes

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Model Photos

Bathory david1 256x178
Bathory david2 220x147
Bathory david2 310x240
Costa fredy1 256x178
Costa fredy2 220x147
Costa fredy2 310x240
David1 256x178
David2 220x147
David2 310x240
George1 256x178
George2 220x147
George2 310x240
Gruber roberto1 256x178
Gruber roberto2 220x147
Gruber roberto2 310x240
Ivan1 256x178
Ivan2 220x147
Ivan2 310x240
Ricardo1 256x178
Ricardo2 220x147
Ricardo2 310x240
Rich1 256x178
Rich2 220x147
Rich2 310x240
Rochelle evan1 256x178
Rochelle evan2 220x147
Rochelle evan2 310x240
Tony1 256x178
Tony2 220x147
Tony2 310x240