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Tue, August 10, 2010

Lucas Entertainment’s Passion is “Absolutely Stunning”

Passion, starring Jonathan Agassi and Harry Louis, was recently reviewed by ManNet. Here’s what they had to say!

The visuals from behind the action are too tasty for words. Harry gets to fuck Rio Silver, and with no let-up in energy. Jonathan can’t be idle for long, so he and Harry have to take turns. Hmmm, maybe that makes Rio the luckiest queen in London. Anyway, Jonathan also takes it from Harry for just enough time to work up a cum-shot into Rio’s waiting mouth (while Harry is still fucking him — that’s timing!). Harry shoots on Jonathan, Jonathan swallows a load from Rio and then cums again! This is as vivid as porn gets and Jonathan’s bleats of exhaustion at the end are the mark of a man who has worked to his utmost.

The fuck has its liveliest moments when Rafael Carreras does more active bottoming. Junior Stellano keeps at Rafael in fits and spurts in various positions, at his best when he gets to wrap his lips around Rafael’s cock. Anal redemption comes when they switch places, Junior squatting on Rafael’s dick. This is the way it should have been from the onset and the two do not disappoint with a rollicking grand time. Rafael beams proudly as Junior bounces gleefully. Rafael’s doggy fucking of Junior, particular shown from above, is marvelously electric. Not that the missionary is any less frantic, made especially tingly since the two never break eye contact. Junior cums on his ripped abs and then swallows a lovely load from Rafael.


Rafael Alencar has managed to fit all of himself into Joseph Mercier, and in a push-up position no less. Just look at his rock-hard body as he doesn’t even struggle to make that shine! Untanned Joseph gets into the act eventually by backing up on Rafael, but it’s the latter who remains in control the whole time. When Rafael has Joseph flip over to take it on his back, Joseph grabs his own cock and beats off in double time, cumming quickly. Rafael helps hold open Joseph’s mouth to drop his load deep inside. The scene’s final images are so sweet, just like the beginning. As Rafael softens up, Joseph is finally able to deep-throat him with such pride and then the two kiss until fade out.

In a rare moment of sharing, Michael Lucas sucks Harry Louis along with Dean Monroe, but soon Dean is in the middle of the others going back and forth with abandon. Dean, still sucking Harry, gets pummeled by Michael. Harry seems a big fan of spit, so the three of them toss it around beautifully. Michael works the hell out of Dean’s ass with quiet assuredness, and then lets Harry in for a flashier topping session. Dean rides Michael for a moment before Harry also enters him. Dean handles the double penetration with utter star wattage, though Harry’s feistiness gives it definite sizzle.

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1 response to Lucas Entertainment’s Passion is “Absolutely Stunning”

  1. Alban said on January 7, 2011

    I just watched “Passion” and I feel almost wordless! 9999999999% perfect!
    Rafel together with Joseph is the very best of what can be seen -ever! Rafel is filmed as he never was before and is above any description!
    Filmed on a bed with white sheets is more than professionnal. The camera really loves the 2 gorgeous models. The Passion is so obvious between Rafael and Jospeh.
    Absolutely 999999999999999999999999999% perfect!
    Thanks Rafael, Thanks Mr. Pam.
    I just expect to see more Rafael so well rimmed and flip floping.

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