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Augusto Arias

Augusto Arias

Augusto Arias is a sexy and seductive Mexican man whose incredible body will leave you gasping for air—especially as he removes his clothing, piece by piece. Augusto works as a personal trainer and content creator, and when you see him naked, you will understand career choices through and through. In fact, he’s upfront about getting into adult entertainment because he wanted to show off his body, and what an amazing body he has to share with his now and future fans. When asked about his favorite sexuality activity, Augusto Arias was blunt: “to fuck the butts of my submissive bitches.” The wildest place Augusto Arias ever had sex was during the transatlantic flight in the plane bathroom, where he banged his travel partner up the ass. Augusto wants to be apart of an orgy where there’s at least five bottoms, and he is the only top. Augusto Arias is attracted to all kinds of men, but he especially likes bearded guys with big butts for him to pound!

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