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Adrian R.

Adrian R.

Hot Latino Adrian R. had wanted to be a model for a long time, and he finally got his wish when Michael auditioned him with Asoka for Auditions Volume 2. What does he love about sex? "Everything," he says, "just everything." And he got the chance to prove it once again during his scene with Chad Leigh in Fire Island Cruising 7.

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  • Foxyboy posted an update

    Let's have more tongue-sucking kissing like Adrian R.'s in Trained in Gay Sex! Terrific! Too much tongue flicking in most scenes. SUCK tha tongue, man, in deep, passionate kissing. Let us keep seeing the kisser's repeated penetration of his partner's mouth, with the kissee's hungry receiving of eager tongue plunging. Mouth-fucking by a hunky guy's tongue is almost as sexy as ass-fucking. Really, Michael, slow down, and give more prolonged close-ups of guys slowly fucking each others mouths with their tongues. Really hot in new ways.

    Posted on Sep 20, 2013
    • 1

      Posted on Oct 17, 2020