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  • Veemee posted a Fantasy Scene, The Dressing Room– 4 years, 5 months ago

    Well, the scene would take place in a men’s clothing store, you know….one of those very upscale exclusives. And it would take place in the late afternoon. A young looking twink (me) would walk into a busy men’s clothing salon. I’m dressed very down (common), sort of very surfer-dude-like. I go to numerous store personnel for help and they all sort of ignore me. I finally decide to leave. As I start for the door, I feel a hand on my shoulder followed by the sweetest accent attached to the most gorgeous guy on the planet, D.O. I’m there to purchase a suit, my very first suit, so I’m a little intimidated when he stops me and asks me if he could help me with something. After I’m able to finally speak, I tell him that I’m here to buy a suit for myself, but I’ve never owned a suit, so I’m really not sure what I’m looking for, so I was hoping someone could help me. In his beautiful accent, he says he would be pleased to help me find just the right one. He asks me my size, and because I am in slightly baggy attire, I tell him that I’m really not sure. He then says, if I don’t mind, would I follow him. He takes me to a space back in the store and asks me to remove my shirt. He looks intensely at my chest and abdomen and comes close and gently touches my exposed body. I flinch and he says cooly, “I think you just might be a 38″ chest.” He then asks me if I don’t mind to remove my baggy cargo shorts. I hesitate and he assures me that no one will see me this far back in the store. So, I follow his instructions. As I remove my cargos, his eyes lock in on my crotch which is totally exposed as I don’t believe in underwear in the summer. He casually leans down on his knees and cups my manhood as he nuzzles and sniffs at my delights and starts to taste my treasures. Perspiration starts to trickle down my temples and it seems instantaneous before we are right there out of view surrounded by a barrage of mannequins witnessing some of the best earth-shattering lovemaking dreams are made of and passions are forged as it is found that what seemed a private interlude reveals that the mannequins were not really mannequins at all! 🙂 And so a sea of witnesses begin to clap as I become a bit flushed and quickly pull at my clothes and ask the beautiful lovemaker about that suit I need when he smiles and says to me, “Oh, sir, I’m afraid you will have to ask one of the people who work here. I’m late for a prior engagement.” And he quickly disappears out of the store into the streets….into a sea of human mannequins!