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    So of what I have seen so far, there are too many hot males on here to mention, all of whom I enjoy watching for different reasons, but a few stand out for me. As its always nice to receive appreciation here are a few special mentions….
    {Mathew Mason} has the most beautiful asshole, bar none. Come to think of it the rest of him is pretty fine too.
    {Michael Lucas} not just because I admire his physical attributes and skills, but he often puts the ‘entertainment’ into Lucas Entertainment, he is so very funny, a little snarky at times but that just makes me laugh out loud. I adore snarky. ‘Is your father in a coma?’ was just the most hilarious moment yet.
    {Shay} this Israeli guy (to differentiate as there is another Shay on here) is my outright favourite. What got me were his eyes, the beautiful soft expression in his brown eyes set in a handsome face. He has a fabulous body too, great definition without being muscle-bound. Easy on the eye and, with that accent, easy on the ear too. And it comes across that he is a lovely guy all round. I don’t usually care for tattoos but I love the bird tattoo on his gorgeous ass. When he undulates it the bird appears to fly… pretty neat. And yes, I was paying forensic close attention to all the details ☺
    {Adam Killian} wins the enthusiasm award. Scenes with him are always full-on. Hot stuff!
    {Justin Cruise} in a nutshell, to be that gorgeous should be illegal

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      Jeez, how could I leave out two other faves- Bianca and Daniel, I want MORE guest appearances by these two. 🙂

      Posted on Jan 08, 2013