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  • jeremy posted a Fantasy Scene, paying for my ass 5 years, 1 month ago

    Adam Killian is a escort,as a escort,adam is a top.adam is at is laptop.he looks at his a email a guy name Spencer Reed offer him allot more of money for him to bottom for a day.adam sent a email agreeing.the next day adam go to spencer place.

    adam knock on the door,spencer open the door.spencer say coming in.adam enter.they go in to living room.adam & spencer kiss.spencer sitdown & tell adam to get naked.adam get naked.
    spencer say he want to see his ass.adam show his ass,then spencer rim adam ass.then kiss.
    then adam bent over & spencer oil adam ass.then spencer finger his ass.
    spencer fuck adam with dildo.

    then spencer tell adam ,that he want to fill his ass with water.adam is a bit worry.adam say he never try it.spencer dont worry.
    spencer put water in adam’s ass with anal douche.than adam push water out.than do it few times more.
    then spencer fuck adam doggy style & Spoons sex & cum

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    • Gid-thelegguy

      this one is real hot, I would love to see Adam play the part of rental boy and take orders from big boy Spencer Reed. This fantasy makes me hot, hope it gets filmed in Lucas E.

      Posted on Nov 03, 2012