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    mathewmason posted an update 5 years ago

    Feeling rather frisky

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    • Bear Bottom

      Mathew, you are my favorite stud. The scene you did with Michael Lucas in Power of Love, was so intense and good. You did a great job acting, I really could believe you were in love. How difficult could that be with his big dick up your butt??? Seriously you are very talented. I just learned that you like to top. I thought you were a bottom, because almost all scenes I have seen of you, are with you on the bottom.

      Thank you for the hot sex baby. In my dreams you top me.


      Posted on Sep 22, 2012
      • mathewmason Lucasman

        Thanks babe, i do love to top and i love some hot ass but when the cock is so powerful i just cant resist 😉

        Posted on Sep 23, 2012
        • Bear Bottom

          Isn’t that the truth babe! I have never met a cock I didn’t like. Some of the guys??? Well that is a different story. smile….

          Posted on Sep 23, 2012