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  • Suit&Sheer posted a Fantasy Scene, SpaBusiness 4 years, 8 months ago

    Two business men (boss-D.O. and colleague – Kyle King) talking about how well they are doing within the SPA industry. They will be wearing fitted suits, crispy clean white shirts, silk ties, blue and brown OTC sheer socks, and lace up leather sole shoes. Suddenly the secretary call the boss to let him know that the new spa massage guy (candidate) arrived for the interview.

    The business colleague said that he will leave so the boss can perform the interview without interruptions but the boss said “stay here during the interview so you can give me your opinion about the new spa employee. I heard that he knows new massage techniques and will help us to increase sales in Europe”.

    The candidate enter…is Christopher Daniels…wearing very fitted white shirt, white pants, white OTC sheer socks (plain) , and white shoes. The spa guy brought a bag with his special oils. Both business men were in shock/impress (biting their lips) by the presence of this new “angel” , I meant spa massage candidate.

    They started the interview…in the scene you will see how each business men look at new spa guy from head to toes…flirting by passing hands on their bulge but with discretion. The spa guy is relax during the interview and says: “if you want I can show you my new techniques for shoulder massage?” . One of the business man (colleague) agreed and explain that he plays a lot of tennis. The spa guy takes off his jacket and shirt and starts rubbing his shoulder with oil while the boss keep watching.

    The boss will still have all clothes and will ask the spa guy if he know any techniques for foot pain and he said that reflexology is good for this (no oil on foot please). The spa guy cleans the oil from his hands, take off very slowly one of the shoes of boss and pull pants up to knee, showing the beautiful OTC sheer socked leg and start making pressure on foot and leg over socks (never take off any of the sheer socks wear by 3 performers). The spa guy start to get horny by smelling the foot of the boss .

    The colleague with shoulder problem puts shirt on, gets close to spa guy and asked him “what massage is good for this” pointing at his bulge. The action starts here.Colleague will take off the white pants of spa guy to discover white sheer briefs….will work on spa guy hanging assets without taking off the brief. It will make it grow under that brief that almost get out of it. Then will order spa guy to help both of them to take off only their pants and shoes. Spa guy will enjoy undressing the business men and smelling their arm pits and feet.

    The threesome action will be over a big table (full body view). The spa guy is with his back against the table wearing sheer briefs and white OTC sheer socks; each business men (keeping shirts, tie and sheer socks on) will have the opportunity of taking off one shoe from the spa guy and will smell, lick and caress their faces with white sheer socked foot. One of the business men will get a scissor and will make a small hole in the brief, will start drilling with no mercy. Spa guy will always keep on fitted white shirt and white sheer socks. Business men will use all the “massage” oil for drilling action. While drilling, the business men will smell, lick and dry their sweat with the sheer socked feet of spa guy.

    Will get more wild if one of the business man take out a very sheer black sock from his pocket and wear on d—k like a condom (covering balls too) and then put over it a real condom. That will make the d—k thicker for drilling. Then when it is close to explode, spa guy will take off the real condom from business man and keep the black sheer sock covering d—k and balls and swallow it until making it explode thru the sheer sock, taking all that load in mouth. Business men can take a turn in order to be passive and let spa guy perform as an active/top.

    The key is always to film full body action from head to toes and avoid too much editing. Dialogue is critical to make it interesting…all asking for more action. Moaning is ok but can sound repetitive and/or boring.

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    • Gid-thelegguy

      sounds real HOT!!!!

      Posted on Dec 14, 2012
      • Suit&Sheer

        I am sure it will be SUPER HOT!

        Posted on Dec 14, 2012