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    Ooh poor guy his film just broke off and he got that? :Dz:))) guess it wasn’t *so* bad I …it was made בא״ה….thankfully something normal, well watch out dont call him that, we all laugh through the nose sometimes…..:pp but that’s humans, for יוני hazir is a really bad insult like he hadn’t had enough…you know what..leave him alone <3 or be nice he never even put an ounce of pork in his mouth, cant you see he's troubled and tired :< but on the other hand, all boys love trips ..f Baarlin its totally contemptible, the 15th museum will still make us laugh, for generations and generations and generations :-))) layla tov, Adam ☺ ☄ have good trip home ☮ ☯ ✈ ♋ 웃 ☠ ♥ ✌ ✖ ☢ ☣ ☤ ⚜ ♪ ♫ ϟ (ahuvi sheli) Ï¡