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About Digital Downloads from Lucas Store


“Assassin” and “The Last Day” are both currently available as digital downloads at Lucas Store.


Each movie downloads as an MP4 (.mp4) video file and can be viewed either with QuickTime or VLC Media Player, a universal video player that is free to download and use. Click Here to download VLC now.


“Assassin” is 1.8 GB (gigabytes) in size and “The Last Day” is 1.4 GB.


When purchasing a movie for download, first add the digital version of either movie to your shopping car and proceed to checkout. Once you enter your billing information, payment method, and place your order, the purchase will be processed.


Once the order is finished being processed, you will see your receipt. Under the “Products Ordered” section toward the bottom of your receipt, you will see the movie and a red “Download” link below it.


Once you click on the “Download” link, you’ll be directed to the “Movie Download” page where you will have the final download option.


Please note that the video will download to wherever your web browser’s downloaded videos are set to be downloaded to.