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Lucas Scenes » Orgies

Dylan James Joins Joey Pele And Isaac Eliad In A Six-Man Bareback Orgy
from Bareback Cum Swappers
on 05.15.15

Dylan James joins Joey Pele and Isaac Eliad in what has grown to be a six-man orgy. We had five before, but the cast alongside Dylan, Joey, and Isaac now includes Josh Milk and Max Schutler, and Bruno Fox sticks around to taste the new meat as well. And let’s be upfront about something in this scene you won’t want to miss: there’s a row of asses ready for a licking. Isaac, Max, and Josh have their holes pointed up in the air for the tongues of Dylan, Joey, and Bruno. You cannot miss this rimming portion, which begins at 11:30. And what starts out as some harmless ass licking turns into an incredible line up of fucking, and all six guys fulfill their roles beautifully!

Joey Pele And Nick North Take Charge Of A Raw Five-Way
from Bareback Cum Swappers
on 05.11.15

Here we have one hell of a lineup: Joey Pele and Nick North set the scene for three new men showing their stuff at Lucas Entertainment: Isaac Eliad, Bruno Fox, and Patryk Jankowski. As mentioned, Joey and Nick (for the most part) set themselves up as the dominant guys in charge of the five-say bareback sex gathering, but after some time Nick can’t keep himself out of the bottoming mix by getting onto his back with legs up in the air for raw cock. But that’s fine: Joey Pele is always ready to be the premiere bareback top he’s meant to be. Isaac Eliad stands out in this scene too as an attentive bottom ready and happy to service cock with his ass and mouth -- which is an admirable trait in an encounter like this. Let’s hope to see more from him at Lucas Entertainment soon.

Max Schutler And Joey Pele Steal The Show At Rocco's Breeding Party
from Rocco Steele's Breeding Party
on 04.10.15

It’s been years since Max Schutler has appeared in a Lucas Entertainment film, so what better way to make a return than at Rocco Steele’s breeding party? Rocco’s gathering aside from him and Max currently consists of Leo Alexander, Raul Korso, Joey Pele, Zander Craze, Max Toro, and Craig Daniel. Max has his sights set on Rocco from the onset: around 3:20 he starts sucking on Rocco’s 10 inches of thick daddy meat. And a note on Joey Pele: this guy has bulked up quite a bit, and with his increased muscle mass so too has his sex drive blown up. Zander Craze gets him started by swallowing his uncut cock, and for a while Joey gives into his submissive side by sharing Rocco Steele’s daddy cock with Raul Korso. But be sure to make note of the action around 32:45, as Joey hops from hole to hole: he fucks Craig Daniel, moves to Raul Korso, and then back to Craig. Meanwhile, Rocco can’t get enough of Max: Rocco focuses on Max by fucking the returning performer slowly and deeply on his back. Admittedly, it’s hard keeping up with all of the incredible action, and clocking in at over 50 minutes, this is a bareback orgy of astounding quality you do not want to miss out on!

Rocco Steele’s Breeding Party Grows To A Nine-Man Orgy
from Rocco Steele's Breeding Party
on 04.03.15

The select invitations to Rocco Steele’s breeding party netted a few more guys to join the party, increasing the current number to nine total! Zander Craze, Raul Korso, Max Toro, and Craig Daniel jump into the action, and they waste no time getting started. And like Alejandro Alvarez before him, Zander Craze strips down, takes a seat next to Rocco Steele, and swallows his fat 10 inches of cock. Among the action that takes place is Raul and Zander sharing a double-headed dildo and a rampant amount of ass-to-mouth action!

Pedro Andreas Leads Armond Rizzo And Max Cameron’s Bareback Orgy
from Bareback Auditions 02
on 02.23.15

Pedro Andreas leads Armond Rizzo and Max Cameron’s bareback orgy! If there have ever been two gay porn stars crying out to be relentlessly railed, it is Armond Rizzo and Max Cameron. During an interview featuring the aforementioned Pedro, Max, and Armond, we also have Magic Wood and Comrad Blu. Don’t miss 10:30 in the interview, because that’s when the objectification of Armond in particular begins: he drops his pants and shows off his supple little ass to the hungry gathering of raw tops ready to dig right in. This is one of the best bareback orgies released by Lucas Entertainment yet.

Dato Foland Gets A Gay Bareback Orgy For Christmas
from A Very Merry Bareback Christmas
on 12.26.14

Dato Foland gets a gay bareback orgy for Christmas: While Tanner Bradley is riding Santiago Figueroa’s cock, Dato Foland and Nigel Banks not-so-accidently find them in the middle of their heated sexual affair and decide to jump in balls deep. But the situation wouldn’t be complete without Donnie Dean and Ivan Gregory. What ensues is something Dato Foland has always wanted for Christmas: a gay bareback sex orgy!

Addison Graham, Taye Knight, Andrew Markus, and Shawn Andrews | Raw Foursome
from Barebacking Balls Deep
on 09.08.14

It’s apparent that Addison Graham is enjoying himself fucking Shawn Andrews in the ass bareback -- their hook-up is still going on with each and every thrust when Taye Knight lets himself into their apartment. Without a word he stuffs his dick into Shawn’s mouth, and he loves the additional attention. The party is completed when Andrew Markus enters: Taye gets him on his back while Addison continues with Shawn. But Taye misses Addison’s sweet ass, and gives him a bareback fucking for remembrance of their first!

Theo Ford and Logan Moore Take Over the Bareback Sex Party
on 08.08.14

There’s already been a lot of fun going on: if you’ll remember Fostter Riviera is having himself a sex party for guys into gay bareback fucking. Fostter invites over Theo Ford, Raul Korso, and Alex Lopez for some sucking and fucking. And four might be fun, but five is even better, and when the fifth is the handsome and sex-hungry Logan Moore, you know you’re in for a sweaty good time!

Toby Dutch Rides Raw Cock in a Bareback Foursome
from Toby Dutch: Barebacking in Budapest
on 06.23.14

Consider this a precursor of sorts to the bang gang that Toby Dutch found himself in the middle of. If you’ll recall, when he walked over to the Visconti triplets ready to ride raw uncut cock and suck some foreskin, he had a little bit of a waddle in his walk. That’s because he was getting his ass slammed here before ever introducing brotherly love into the equation. Toby Dutch hungrily services Franko Gold, Ricky Bombay, and Mike in this hot foursome of gay bareback sex!

Adam Killian Leads a Nine-Man Bareback Orgy
from Adam Killian's Raw Wet Dream
on 05.30.14

If only all trips to a German bathhouse could end up like this. Adam Killian, Valentino Medici (a Lucas Entertainment Exclusive), and Tomas Brand pay a visit and show off by making out and sucking each other off when Fostter Riviera and Ivan Gregory join in with the fun. At this point we have five guys when the sixth, Logan Moore, shows up and starts making out with Valentino before moving south and sucks his huge uncut Latin cock; Ivan’s cock doesn’t go without attention, as Lars Svenson moves into too and swallows the hard cock between Ivan’s muscled legs. Meanwhile, Tomas works on Fostter while Marco Sessions eats out Tomas. It doesn’t take long for the bareback fucking to start: Tomas, Valentino, and Logan daisy-chain each other while Marco Milan takes Adam and Ivan’s raw cocks up his ass at the same time!

Jed Athens Takes Bareback Double Penetration for His Birthday Gift
from Bareback Sex Fest
on 01.31.14

The gay bareback sex party has reached its conclusion and everyone is on board to make sure Jed Athens’ birthday bash is a smash hit! That includes all of the guys: Draven Torres, Shane Frost, Marcus Isaacs, Rafael Carreras, Hot Rod, and Fabio Stallone. Who’s going to get fucked and who is going to be doing the ass pounding? You’ll have to watch the scene. But here’s a hint: Jed Athens gets to enjoy raw bareback double penetration!

Jed's Bareback Sex Fest Heats Up When Rafael Carreras Stops By
from Bareback Sex Fest
on 01.20.14

It's always a party when Rafael Carreras is involved -- he's one of Lucas Entertainment's favorite performers, and he was at the top of Jed Athens' birthday wish list when he and his buddies planned their gay bareback sex trip to upstate New York! Rafael means that there's going to be hardcore ass fucking, because he's a Cuban power top who knows how to use his raw uncut cock with hungry precision. It's an all-out bareback fuck fest as Rafael pounds the birthday boy's ass without mercy while everyone else around them sucks and fucks like wild animals!

Jed's Birthday Retreat Turns into a Wild Bareback Sex Party
from Bareback Sex Fest
on 01.17.14

Jed Athens and his fuck buddies Draven Torres, Shane Frost, and Marcus Isaacs retreat to a cabin in upstate New York to celebrate Jed’s birthday. After he opens his presents -- which all wind up to be sex toys -- they strip off their clothes to give Jed his real gift. The guys daisy chain each other, use gay sex toys, give and get wet and long blowjobs, and best of all, they fuck each other raw long and hard! Jed proves his topping skills at his party, because he takes his turn on every guy in the room!

The Steamy Orgy of "Cruising Budapest 1"
from Cruising Budapest I: Michael Lucas
on 11.24.09

Lucas Entertainment favorite Milan Gamiani along with the furry Steve Hunt, goatee-wearing Claudio Antonelli, and sex pig Tom Bradly are in a hot tub together when things really start to bubble and heat up. The foursome swaps some deep-throating oral action before lining up in an ass-eating chain. Bubble-butt lovers will love this group's fuck session, which culminates in Milan eating up every drop of cum spewed from each dick in the room!

Mangiatti Men, Steve, and Michael
from Cruising Budapest V: The Mangiattis
on 11.21.09

Cruising Budapest 5 - Mangiatti Guys, Steve Hunt & Michael Lucas

Michael Lucas, Ralf Angelo, Nicolas Santos, and Jonathan Maldini
from Inside Prague
on 11.21.09

This scorching hot foursome features Michael and Ralf topping cuties Nicolas and Jonathan in a secret basement.

Paris Playboys Orgy
from Paris Playboys
on 10.05.09

Finally, the Paris Playboys convene for no other reason than to have a balls-to-the-wall knockout orgy in a glorious Parisian penthouse. Jonathan gets to know Mike through some kissing and heavy petting and its so hot that Marco Salgueiro joins in on the fun. Rafael has discovered a new French flame in the sultry and debonair Antonio Cavalli, and Christopher Smeyt graduates from Mike to some three-way action with Glenn Coste and Ricky Love. In a beautiful ensemble scene, these studs suck and fuck their way around the room leaving little to the imagination. The film climaxes when its stars do, all over the waiting mouths and bodies of Glenn and Mike.

Ass-Plowing Backroom Foursome
from Uncut Cock Sex Club
on 11.24.08

The fuzzy Steve Hunt and Buck Monroe don't like to waste time: the minute they arrive at their destination club, they begin sucking cock. Across the room from them, Nico Blade sucks on Andrew Zulawsky's meaty dick. Then the real fun -- fucking -- begins, with Andrew taking Nico from behind, followed by Buck fucking Steve. The foursome simultaneously explodes with cum.

Michael Lucas Hosts a Foursome with Three Hot Guys
from Auditions 08: Scandalous
on 05.01.06

Don’t miss out on New York City’s premiere gay porn king Michael Lucas leading a hot foursome with Chris Crawford, Giovanni Armani, and Ivan Grey in his bed! There’s some initial chit chat, but it doesn’t last long as the guys start to get worked up and hard -- they’re all ready for cock! There is plenty of cock sucking, ass licking, and hole pounding! Leave it to Michael!

Christophe Blanc, Richard Black, WIlfried Knight, and Luciano Haas
from Lost
on 01.01.04

Hot Frenchie Christophe Blanc hears about all the fun he missed at the orgy from Richard Black and Wilfried Knight. At a restaurant, Knight recognizes smooth Latino heartthrob Luciano Haas from the photo that Lucas left behind, and invites him over for a hotel-room foursome. They all feast on Blacks rock-hard cock before splitting up into pairs to suck each other off. Then Haas fucks Knight and Blanc fucks Black, both doggy-style, before switching it up for a giant sploogefest of an ending.

Lifestyles Orgy Scene
from Lifestyles
on 01.01.04

Hunt and Roo decide to throw Bolt a surprise birthday party hell never forget. Nine hot guys go at it, including Mitch Ryder and Jack Simmons, with Roo and Bolt both getting a chance to take on Hunts huge piece.

Fire Island Crusing 4: Orgy Scene
from Fire Island Cruising 4
on 01.01.04

Carlos Morales and Christophe Blanc act superior because their relationship is so strong and honest. But things are not what they seem. After making up a fake story, Blanc sneaks off to a raging poolside sex party with Heights and four newcomers: lean Israeli Jony Kfir, hung twink Tommie, adorable Kevin Roberts and studly Brandon Williams.

Andreas Montero, Scott Townsend, Johnny Davis, and Enrico Vega
from Getting Around
on 01.01.04

After leaving the orgy, the insatiable Montero stops by a hotel where he meets up with some friends from California: blond Scott Townsend, goateed Enrico Vega and stubbled Lucas Entertainment regular Johnny Davis. Soon, Davis and Montero are kissing on the bed while Townsend and Vega take turns poking their pretty young butts.

Michael Lucas, Yuri Ivanoff, Ivan Kotov, and Gregor Karpoff
from To Moscow With Love
on 01.01.04

Three more friends of Lucas' Yuri Ivanoff, Ivan Kotov and Gregor Karpoff—meet up with the director at his hotel. Lucas and Kotov fuck the other two side by side in a model of Slavic sexual symmetry.

Michael Lucas, Andrei Nemov, Dimitri Checkov, and Misha Petrov
from To Moscow With Love
on 01.01.04

Michael Lucas walks around Moscows historic Red Square, where he is approached by a trio of gorgeous young Russian guys (Dimitri Checkhov, Misha Petrov and Andrei Nemov). Later on, they join him at his hotel suite for a hot fourway, and Lucas gets to fuck all three.

Getting Around Orgy
from Getting Around
on 01.01.04

Meanwhile, Montero arrives at a sex party hes found through his magazine. Surrounded by eight studs, he is stripped of his clothes and brought into the action. By the end of the scene, he has sampled most of the cocks in the place, including two at once in a hot double-fuck.

Gus Mattox, Wilfried Knight, and J.
from Dangerous Liaisons
on 01.01.04

Valentine Moore (Gus Mattox) sets up a photo shoot with Sebastian Lacroix (Knight). He uses another hot model (Lucas Entertainment exclusive J.) to seduce his prey and soon the shoot turns into a torrid fuck-fest. Moore and Lacriox take turns working J.s taut butt when theyre not busy kissing, sucking, or fucking each other. Lacriox is ridden with guilt as Moore snaps his final frame.

Fire Island Cruising 2 Orgy Scene
from Fire Island Cruising 2
on 01.01.04

Fine arrives at an orgy just as Lucas is leaving, but he sticks around to play with five guys: donkey-dicked Lucas favorite Chad Hunt, versatile French uber-daddy Erik Martins and hot newcomers Raul Tasco, Daniel Estevez and Lucas Preor.

Chris Bolt, Aaron Tanner, Mitch Ryder, and Richie Fine
from Fire Island Cruising 2
on 01.01.04

On the beach at Fire Island, Richie Fine and Chris Bolt talk about their goals for the week. Fine wants to hook up with Michael Lucas, who has recently jogged by. Bolt wants to find the biggest cock on the island. But they happily settle for a foursome with Mitch Ryder and Aaron Tanner. Humpy Bolt and tattooed blondie Tanner play bottom.