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Lucas Scenes » Behind the scenes

Go Behind the Scenes of 'Original Sinners'
from Original Sinners
on 05.21.13

Go behind the scenes of 'Original Sinners,' the blockbuster gay porn event of 2013 and see what all of the hot guys of Lucas Entertainment are up to during the filming of the best gay sex in the industry. Hang out with Adam Killian, D.O., Diego Lauzen, Jake Genesis, Jesse Santana, Jessy Ares, Paddy O'Brian, Tiziano Fuentes, and Wagner VIttoria as 'Original Sinners' continues to unfold only on Lucas Entertainment!

On Set with the Stars of "Kings of New York"
from Kings of New York (Season 1)
on 03.01.13

There’s never any rest for the wicked, and that goes double for the porn stars and guest stars both appearing in the first season of Lucas Entertainment’s “Kings of New York”! This behind-the-scenes exclusive features model Landon Conrad, Jessy Ares, Vito Gallo, and Rod Daily as they take us on the set and talk about their experience filming some of the hottest gay porn of the year! Special appearances from Andy Dick, Lady Bunny, and many others are an added bonus!

Go Behind the Scenes of 'Wear Me Out'
from Gentlemen 06: Wear Me Out
on 01.17.13

Go behind the scenes of "Gentlemen 06: Wear Me Out" and watch all of the suited studs of Lucas Entertainment work to create one of the best Gentlemen films yet! This hardcore feature includes D.O., Edji Da Silva, Hans Berlin, Jessy Ares, Charlie Harding, Luke Milan, Sebastian Rossi, Tyler Wolf, Mathew Mason, and Rod Daily!

Go Behind the Scenes of "Awake"
from Awake
on 11.11.12

The sex stars of "Awake" have concluded their epic gay porn film of the year, but now it's time to see what they were up to during the filming and production of the movie! Join all of the hot guys of the cast now: Jessy Ares, Jonathan Agassi, Mitchell Rock, Adam Killian, Trenton Ducati, Alex Marte, Edji Da Silva, and Mathew Mason!

Go Behind the Scenes of "Business & Pleasure"
from Gentlemen 05: Business & Pleasure
on 11.03.12

Go behind the scenes with the hot and suited studs of "Gentlemen 06: Business & Pleasure." We have the pleasure of seeing some of Lucas Entertainment's sex-hungry stars put on and take off their suits after their suits during and after the filming of the movie! This behind-the-scenes feature includes Jimmy Durano, Mitchell Rock, Vito Gallo, Dakota Rivers, Landon Conrad, Jessie Colter, Bryan Cole, Marcus Ruhl, Jeremy Stevens, and Adam Killian!  

Go Behind the Scenes of 'Drain Your Load'
from Drain Your Load
on 07.26.12

Don't miss out on an on-the-set tour of the filming of "Drain Your Load," a Lucas Entertainment production filmed in Montreal, Canada. There's just as much fun behind the scenes of a hardcore gay porn movie as there is when it's all quiet on the set, and it's never been apparent. But who wouldn't have fun with hot guys like Johnny Venture, Manuel DeBoxer, Adam Avery, Adrian Long, Brandon Jones, Kyle Quinn, Nick Ford, Pierre Fitch, Ryan Russell, and Sam Steel!

Johnny Venture and Damien Crosse Talk Behind the Scenes
from Cock Riders
on 07.18.12

Johnny Venture and Damien Crosse talk about meeting each other for the first time and their excitement about fucking each others brains out before and after their shoot. It all takes place behind the scenes of Lucas Entertainment's hardcore gay porn movie "Cock Riders"!

Rafael Carreras and Aaron Blake Go Behind the Scenes
from Cock Riders
on 07.18.12

Rafael Carreras and Aaron Blake talk about meeting each other for the first time and their excitement for having sex on camera. Here's a hint: Rafael is not going to be the bottom today! It all takes place behind the scenes of Lucas Entertainment's hardcore gay porn movie "Cock Riders"!

Go Behind the Scenes of 'Cabin Retreat'
from Cabin Retreat
on 06.12.12

Go behind the scenes with the hardcore gay porn stars of "Cabin Retreat." After Vito Gallo returns from Canada, he stops by the Manhattan office of Lucas Entertainment to chat about the filming of the movie. We see all of the wild fun of Adrian Long, Ben Driver, Brandon Jones, Hayden Colby, Johnny Venture, Jordano Santoro, Sam Steel, Tate Ryder, and Vito Gallo! And Vito's personal favorite experience? When Ben Driver gave him a friendly blowjob in the hot tub!

Go Behind the Scenes of 'Open Bar'
from Open Bar
on 05.22.12

Don't miss out on all of the interviews, fun, and games that went on behind the scenes of Lucas Entertainment's "Open Bar"! If you thought the guys were hot when they were sucking and fucking, get to know them a little bit better when they're not choking on cock! For anyone who wants to know what goes on behind the scenes of a hardcore gay porn movie, look no further!

Go Behind the Scenes with the LucasMen of 'The Last Day'
from The Last Day
on 05.01.12

“The Last Day” has reached its climax, but the countdown isn’t quite over yet. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, and cum went into the creation of Lucas Entertainment’s 2012 blockbuster gay porn movie. Take a look behind the scenes of the movie’s production and filming with all of the hot porn stars who take Ibiza by storm with their ripped bodies and huge hard cocks. Jonathan Agassi, Will Helm, Damien Crosse, Rafael Carreras, Adriano Carrasco, Issac Jones, Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez, and Kriss Aston are all here for the tour!

Meet the Men Behind All of the 'Stages of Sex'
from Stages of Sex
on 02.24.12

When all of the hot guys and rock-star gay pornstars of 'Stages of Sex' are not fucking away during the different phases of gay life documented on film by Lucas Entertainment, they take some time out of their schedules to give us a peek into all of the fun and hijinks that go on before and after the bodies are flexed, cocks are hard, and everyone is ready to fuck. Don't miss out on this exclusive look into what it takes to make a hot and sexy gay porn movie like 'Stages of Sex'!

Meet the 'Men in Love' After their Sensual, Romantic Film Shoot
from Men in Love
on 01.23.12

"Men in Love" is the first film in the Love by Lucas Entertainment line, and all of the hot, sexy gay pornstars and models are excited to be apart of this ground-breaking porn movie. Watch the guys as they talk about their shoots along with some priceless behind-the-scenes footage!

Meet All of the Sweaty Men Ready for "Top Service"
from Top Service
on 12.10.11

After the sun goes down in Florida, the state's horniest hot guys come out to play in Lucas Entertainment's steamy new gay porn movie, "Top Service." See all of the work and play that went into the film's creation, including up close and personal meetings with the "Top Service" stars: Alexander Garrett, Sean Xavier, Ridge Michaels, Valentin Petrov, Al Carter, Derrick Vinyard, Diego Vena, Devin Adams, Matthew Rush, and New York City's kingpin of porn, Michael Lucas!

Go Behind the Scenes with the Hot Guys of "Lucky Fuck"
from Lucky Fuck
on 10.28.11

It's not all about filming with the hot guys of Lucas Entertainment during the production of "Lucky Fuck." There's a lot more that goes on, and it's captured here on camera! See what the boys are up to that doesn't make the final cut, including the Southern, muscular cutie Marc Dylan fucking a prototype of Junior Stellano's Cyberskin ass!

The "Executives" Reveal the Secrets of High-Class Gay Porn
from Gentlemen 03: Executives
on 10.19.11

The suited studs and high-class hunks of "Executives," the third film from gay porn studio Lucas Entertainment's "Gentlemen" line, takes fans behind the scenes with a look at the models out of their suits and fresh from fucking. Don't miss out on what they have to offer!

The "All Star Studs" Break in the Streets of Montreal
from All Star Studs
on 09.06.11

Pierre Fitch, Brandon Jones, Carsten Andersson, Jessie Colter: they're all here (and more!) to talk behind the scenes of Lucas Entertainment's "All Star Studs" -- which was completely filmed in Montreal! Learn about the making of the movie and the models in it right here!

Backstage with the Models and Crew of "Backdoor"
on 09.06.11

Take a look at the wild fun and misadventures that the boys and production team of "Backdoor" all had backstage -- in and out of there clothes. It's no secret: we like them naked and thrust with cocks as stiff as boards!

The Hot and Sweaty Making of "Heat Wave 2"
from Heat Wave 2
on 08.25.11

Summer has cum to the boys of New York, and everything only heats up all the more when their clothes come off and the sucking and fucking starts! See what went into the making of "Heat Wave 2" -- you won't be disappointed.

Meet the "Power Professionals" After a Hard Day's Work
from Gentlemen 02: Power Professionals
on 08.01.11

Go behind the scenes of Lucas Entertainment's "Power Professionals," and meet it's cast of sexy performers when they're taking a break from doing what they do best -- fucking for you!

Unforgettable Behind-the-Scenes Action from ASSASSIN
on 04.22.11

To bring a close to Lucas Entertainment's blockbuster porno noir of 2011, we've compiled nearly 30 minutes of the best behind-the-scenes action. Don't miss out -- watch it now!

ASSASSIN Music Video performed by Sir Ari Gold!
on 04.22.11

Lucas Entertainment's erotic film noir epic, Assassin, is now streaming Part One at! To celebrate the movie's premiere, we rock things off with an exclusive Assassin music video featuring clips from the dark and edgy film including the song's performance by pop-star Sir Ari Gold! Check out the killer men in action: Adam Killian, Wilfried Knight, Steven Daigle, Cliff Jensen, Drew Cutler, Junior Stellano, Brad Star, Braxton Bond, Rafael Alencar, and assassin Michael Lucas!

Go Behind the Scenes of "Trapped in the Game"
from Trapped in the Game
on 11.19.10

Go behind the scene of this Lucas Entertainment blockbuster! Sexy porn stars Jonathan Agassi and Adam Killian show us what it takes to prep for a porn shoot with two of the hottest fuckers around! Then Carsten Andersson and Aaron Mark are on the set of "Trapped in the Game" in Berlin with their cocks out ready to suck and fuck! Following Carsten and Aaron are Giuseppe Pardi and Rob Nelson on set, and who else could they possibly star with in "Trapped in the Game" other than Jonathan Agassi himself. Watch as they work with him in their awesome threesome! And the one and only Harry Louis rounds out the fun better than anyone else!

Adam Killian, Rafael Alencar, and the Pornstars of 'Heat Wave' Tell All
from Heat Wave
on 09.07.10

The summer is hot, but Adam Killian and Parker London are hotter! See what it takes for them along with Rafael Alencar, Zach Alexander, Spencer Reed, Junior Stellano, Rod Daily, Patrick Logan, Jeremy Bilding, and John Magnum to film their ass-pounding porn scenes! Their bodies are sculpted, their Speedos are tight, and there cocks are ready to pop out to get sucked, fuck ass, and shoot cum!

The Men of "Kings of New York" Go Behind the Scenes
from Kings of New York
on 06.15.10

The men of New York all want to be king, and they're willing to do whatever it takes! When the movie stopped filming, the cameras were left rolling to capture all of the wild fun behind the scenes!

The Men of "Missing" Take You Behind the Scenes
from Missing
on 05.24.10

The men of "Missing" have just as much fun behind the scenes as they do while filming -- sometimes even more so! Don't miss out on this rare chance to see what goes on backstage of a hot and horny hardcore gay porn shoot!

Meet the Men of "Inside Israel"
from Inside Israel
on 01.01.10

Go behind the scenes of Lucas Entertainment's breathtakingly beautiful and sexy "Inside Israel" and meet the gorgeous men that made it all possible!

Watch Ben Andrews Behind the Scenes in 'Cruising Budapest 2'
from Cruising Budapest II: Ben Andrews
on 11.24.09

Was Ben Andrews a top model and exclusive at Lucas Entertainment, or a fluffer? See how the models can't get enough of him behind the scenes of 'Cruising Budapest 2' even when the official camera of this gay porn movie isn't rolling -- at least Ben and the other models think so! Actually, it's all been captured now for you to watch and enjoy!

Go Behind the Scenes with Jonathan Vargas in Budapest
from Cruising Budapest IV: Jonathan Vargas
on 11.23.09

When the cameras are not capturing all the hot sex surrounding young Latin pornstar Jonathan Vargas, they're showing what really goes into making a steamy gay porn movie overseas, and no studio does it better than Lucas Entertainment!

Lucio Maverick Goes Behind the Scenes of 'Cruising Budapest 3'
from Cruising Budapest III: Lucio Maverick
on 11.23.09

Lucio Maverick is one hot gay pornstar, and doesn't everyone know it! We see him alongside Michael Lucas and several other models from Lucas Entertainment behind the scenes -- just when all of the hot guys thought the filming was done. It's not all about uncut dicks, hard bodies, sucking cock, and fucking tight ass: there is  lot that goes into a gay porn shoot.