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Brothers' Reunion


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After arriving at his studio with his hunky sibling Anthony Marks, hirsute Wilfried Knight cant control his urges and the two start making out. They strip and start slobbering over each others meaty schlongs. Anthony takes extra time to suck and nibble on Wilfrieds toes, tonguing each with care. Wilfried then places Anthonys legs over his head and dives into his willing hole, spitting and fingering while Anthony gasps in delight. The two roll around again, and Anthony ends up on top of Wilfried, cock firmly planted in ass. The two fuck with incestuous might, pleasing each other as only brothers can!

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Anthony Marks

Anthony Marks

Studly Anthony Marks leaves his mark and then some in his raging hot scene with the legendary Wilfried Knight in Lucas's Brothers' Reunion!

Wilfried Knight

Wilfried Knight

Wilfried Knight, a man and porn star who earned legendary status at Lucas Entertainment, will always be remembered as one of the most professional and charming models who has ever worked with the studio. The French performer was a man who captured the camera the minute filming began -- his masculine good looks, strong and natural body, and rugged sex appeal made him an instant star from his debut in “Auditions 1.” From that initial film Wilfried has starred in a number of Lucas Entertainment features, including “Michael Lucas’ Dangerous Liaisons,” “Assassin,” and “Kings of New York.” Several awards decorate Wilfried’s time spent in the industry; most notably being his 2005 win as Out magazine’s Hottest Porn Star! Wilfried Knight has appeared in 19 Lucas Entertainment productions, as well as dozens of scenes, and his body of proves why he will always be remembered for his outstanding character and screen presence! He will be greatly missed by family, friends, and admirers alike.

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  • hornyteacher posted an update

    the whold taboo aspect makes thsi even hotter.

    Posted on Jul 08, 2013