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Auditions 29: Lucky Daniels' Shameless Hole


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Tatooed, Colombian decorator Marcelo Masko and photographer Vin Nolen immediately show their kinkier sides, engaging in some prolonged pit licking and nipple play. By the time their pants come off, the two are already hard and ready for some face fucking and ball licking. Masko then moves on to Nolens hairy ass while also making some time to inhale his cock, balls, and lick his feet. The pair then has a slurp-filled 69 filled with dirty talk and multiple positions. As if that wasnt enough, Nolen then pounds and spanks Maskos furry ass to the sounds of Maskos appreciative groans. Nolan shoots his wad into Maskos wide-stretched mouth, after which Masko vocally shoots all over his furry stomach.



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