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The Power of Love

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Both Jonathan Agassi and Trenton Ducati look like mythic champions -- they’re handsome faces and masculine bodies make them worthy of Olympus. They pass through a stone hallway and step into the open waters where they bathe and admire one another’s bodies. Jonathan knows no restraint and immediately settles between Trenton’s legs and uses his mouth to pleasure Trenton’s erect cock. When he’s not sucking on Trenton he’s eating him out -- it’s all to prepare the muscle top for when he climbs on top of him and starts to thrust and pound. Jonathan is slow and deep as he has sex with Trenton, who takes every inch of the Israeli lover into him. But Trenton has just as much aggression in him as he does passion for Jonathan, and he gives him a rimjob before bending him over the craggy shore and fucking him until they both ejaculate.

  Categories: Gay

  Tags: Gay, Gay Group Sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Caucasian, Bareback, Muscular, Rimming, Big Cock, Footjob, Fetish



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  • constantine posted an update

    This comment is for Michael Lucas. At least I hope he will read it , Im a new member I love the good guality videos and love al the nice looking men too. However I have two comments: Watching some of the videos makes feel Im watching a Calvin Klein commercial nothing against Calvin Klein but do they all have to wear the same type and the same colour of underwear. There are so many other types and colours ,sexier underwear. it will be so nice to see somthing different. Also although all the models are great why we never see more mature men? We love to see more mature men too who looks good and enjoy sex. Corect me if Im wrong but we never see men in their fourties or even fifties.. WHY.........

    Posted on Nov 16, 2012
    • ga65

      I\'d love to see men in their forties and fifties too. But as for underwear, as long as it doesn\'t stay on too long, I\'m fine with any brand.

      Posted on Nov 20, 2012
  • Gid-thelegguy posted an update

    For sure, two Olympic gods these two amazing beautiful men making love to each other. Jonathan, such a well-known guy in this site and Trenton Ducato, a stunning cowboy with an incredibly beautiful muscular body. His legs are gorgeous and since I'm a legs guy those body parts have my special attention in a guy. Man would `i love to worship those amazing pillars. Two gorgeous men, real men, hot, passionate and yet so tender............GREAT!

    Posted on Aug 02, 2012
  • SCstud posted an update

    Michael, stunningly beautiful LOVERS FLIP-FUCK VIDEO! Hot...yet tender. Bravo!

    Posted on Jul 31, 2012