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Auditions 30: New York Hunks


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Raf is a self-proclaimed twink who says he is more then ready to take Spencer. As soon as these boys shead their pants, Spencer is all over Raf's ass, licking, slurping, and spanking. Spencer starts licking Raf from dick to asshole, getting him hard and puckering. Spencer then flips Raf and they start 69ing each others hard cocks. After more oral action Raf gets Spencer's dick all hard and hot and ready to fuck by gagging on his dick while playing with Spencer's nipples. Spencer then just lays there as Raf sits on his dick and starts riding him, sliding up and down his dick. Raf finishes cumming all over his stomach as Spencer fucks him and licks his cum off of him. Spencer then shoots ropes of cum all over Raf's face before licking them off.

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Raf Rollin

Raf Rollin

Raf bottoms for Justin Beal in LOST DIARY OF GIOVANNI!

Spencer Reed

Spencer Reed

One of the hottest muscle tops at Lucas Entertainment is the stunning Spencer Reed. From the day Spencer Reed auditioned with Lucas, he was destined to become a star. His boyish charm paired with his hulking tattooed frame is reminiscent of a boy-next-door who grew up to be more of a man than anyone could have expected! As Spencer Reed progresses from one film to the next, it's provocative to see how eyes have become increasingly fixated on him as a breakout power top. Large, in charge, but never intimidating, it's always a pleasure (and more) to see what Spencer will stun us with next.

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