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Lucky Fuck

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Preston Steel looks so innocent and naïve standing in the cold, rainy streets of Harlem; he’s wandering around looking for Time Square, but he couldn’t be farther away. Ricky Sinz offers his help, but he first needs to clean up in his apartment. Preston joins him, and when Ricky hops in the shower, the handsome tourist can’t help but take his clothes off. Preston joins Ricky in the shower; they kiss, and he soon takes Ricky’s throbbing erection in his mouth. They move to the bedroom, and Preston wants to make out more. But Ricky is interested in hard action: “fuck that kissing shit -- get on the dick,” he says. The submissive Preston bobs his head on Ricky’s erection, who holds his head for all the action. They swap blowjobs back and forth: Ricky’s hard, sculpted body couldn’t look better against Preston’s smooth, defined frame. Ricky eats out Preston’s ass when he’s ready to whip his bottom prey into shape, then has Preston sit on his dick while he kicks back. Preston rides Ricky like an animal in heat; their fucking is deep, loud, and hot -- bringing the pair to an intense climax!




Preston Steel

Preston Steel

Porn newcomer Preston Steel jumped into the industry for one simple reason -- he thought it would be fun to fuck on camera! This native of North Carolina loves an old-fashioned blow job when having sex, digs guy who are hairy and ripped with muscles, and when he's having sex, kissing is the best part for him!

Ricky Sinz

Ricky Sinz

Porn star Ricky Sinz is tall, muscular, and ready to fuck. The guy is all power-top who loves to get rimmed before slamming an ass. When trying to decide what the one thing about sex that he loves, Ricky simple says: "the chase." When Ricky isn't fucking on camera, he likes to dabble in music production.

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