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Auditions 45: Sexclusives

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Don’t let Tate Ryder’s baby face fool you: he might look sweet, perhaps even with a dash of innocence, but underneath those looks are the urges and needs of a sex hound that he’s constantly looking to fulfill. And in his debut scene on Lucas Entertainment, there’s no one better to break him in on camera that the one and only Adam Killian, a mega gay pornstar who never fails living up to his reputation. After their interview, Adam and Tate dig right into each other. Making out is expected, but it doesn’t even last long. Adam is hungry for Tate’s big cock, so he strips off the Aussie kid’s briefs and sets out to give him a deep and wet blowjob, sucking him right up. When he’s not blowing him, Adam is famously playing with Tate’s asshole, fingering and fucking it with his tongue. Adam’s own ass is a legendary pair of cheeks, and Tate doesn’t ignore them either, eating him out with the vigor Adam alone deserves. Tate’s always looking for a good lay, so Adam straps up and sets into Tate, fucking him with all the aggression and energy he’s trained for in gay porn. Tate winces and moans, at times looking as if he can’t handle what he’s gotten into, but Adam makes sure he does!

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Adam Killian

Adam Killian

With his dark features, muscled body and chiseled face Adam Killian is a sex god to be worshipped. This versatile tattooed stud loves to show off in front of the camera and when he fucks he always changes into as many positions as his partner can take! Hailing from the California coast Adam Killian loves to fuck in water. The wildest place he has ever had sex was: in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Mykonos, Adam claims. Our bodies were under water but there were people everywhere around us. His favorite part of sex is feeling like and animal during the act. With his thick cut dick and full meaty ass Adam Killian's favorite place to have sex is in front of mirrors so he can watch every last thrust.

Tate Ryder

Tate Ryder

Aussie stud Tate Ryder has an innocent face, but don’t trust it for a minute. Tate is constantly hungry for sex, and he keeps his body tight and toned for the bedroom by working as a fitness trainer in London by day. Tate loves to bang a tight ass, but his own is so round and rocking that it cries out for a fucking itself! But it’s not just dicks that Tate can take: his favorite sexual activity is a long, deep fisting! Tate fantasizes about strong, masculine guys, and he hopes to one day get lost in a group sex scene. The best part of a romp for him? “Blowing heaps of cum,” he said! With an attitude like that, how could Lucas Entertainment not sign him as an exclusive?

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  • jjmspooner posted an update

    Adam is it possible you just keep getting: sexier, hotter and more spectacular. Your body is by far the hottest in the industry.

    Posted on Dec 24, 2014
  • Pedro2011 posted an update

    this is the best scene tate has ever did. tate needs a top that konow how to fuck/suck/finger his ass like adam does !

    Posted on Jul 31, 2012
    • hotscotty

      I agrees,,,Tate knows his way around the park and needs a totally dominant but def handsome top guy to get control of that gorgeous arse,,,

      Posted on Aug 05, 2012
    • michaellucas

      Adam knows his way around a hole...especially Tate\'s.

      Posted on Aug 22, 2012
  • Gid-thelegguy posted an update

    When a guy like Adam Killian enters a space that room must be filled with sexual energy at once. This guy oozes sex, the way he looks, the way he behaves, his whole personality shows an endless sexual drive. He is passionate, rough, sometimes sweet and gentle, he keeps on surprising!
    When there is a match like the one with Tate Ryder this sexual drive doubles. This young lad loves sex just as much as his partner and so it shows. They both offer their beautiful ass as greedy as a real man can be. Tate's meaty glutes and his smooth manhole cry for attention and look at the way Adam offers his to Tat'e eager tongue. Amazing what an action. These two real men can't get them spread wide enough; what a hot action, they get on to each other with so much passion and energy, an overall thrill that's what fills the air. Gorgeous in one word!

    Posted on Jul 29, 2012